Archangel, PlayStation VR Mech Game Set To Launch This July

A new game that will be released for PS VR comes Skydance Interactive’s Archangel. The mech game is said to hit other VR platforms two weeks after it releases in July for the PS4, but until then the devs released two screenshots showing off the mech game in action.

I’m hard up for mech games, but when I found out that Skydance Interactive’s Archangel was for PS VR I was a bit leery. Hopefully the game turns out to be a decent VR title contrary to the other sub-par VR gamesĀ  usually found on Steam Greenlight.

In addition to being a good or bad game, the devs took to the to explain what Archangel has to offer. For starters, the game is set in a world ravaged by natural disasters and controlled by a “corporatized,” tyrannical U.S. where the government and freedom no longer exist.

According to the, the player is selected by the United States Free Forces, the resistance, to pilot a one-of-a-kind mech weapon. The six-story tall war machine is built to destroy and is sent in to fight the battle against HUMNX, a private conglomerate that governs what little remains of a ravaged America.

Although there is no footage of gameplay the blog does explain some elements that go into Archangel. For starters, players will be able to assume the mech as well as its arms. Weapons in the game are said to come in a large array, and if guns don’t cut it players can always punch planes out of the sky while using other weapons as a means to eliminate lethal threats.

Throughout the VR mech game players are said to protect AI controlled teammates who pilot different vehicles; in some cases these AI teammates will need to protect you during a mission. When the going gets tough while defending teammates, the mech comes equipped with a shield to block incoming attacks and protect surrounding teammates. If your shields have failed, your teammates carry these things called “nano-bot units” that can repair damage to your mech.

Lastly, the game sports RPG elements in that XP can be gained to level up the mech. The RPG spectrum of the game offers a variety of useful elements that are said to help when enemies become increasingly difficult during the game’s story.

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