Attack On Moe-H, 18+ RPG Clicker Pre-Registration Is Open
Attack on Moe-H

A game about giant moe attacking the Pixel Kingdom? Well, that’s original. Nutaku announced that their game about giant, cute, titan girls attacking the Pixel Kingdom is currently open for pre-registration, allowing gamers to get in on the action with some bonuses before the game actually launches.

According to the press release, this is a hentai version of Attack on Moe, where players will not only have to capture giant titan girls, but you’ll have to keep them satiated by seducing and pleasuring them as well.

Attack On Moe-H is an RPG clicker where players will have to recruit their team and create artifacts to power them up in order to defeat the giant titans.

The game features an offline mode, an online mode, interactive h-scenes, and fully animated quick-time battles and sex scenes for players to experience. It’s a bit more forward about keeping gamers engaged than some of the other H-games out there where there are just CG images to unlock or a looping animation involving the girls. In this case, there’s more required… participation from the player.

There’s even a petting mini-game present in the title, something that was removed from Fire Emblem Fates because SJWs thought that Westerners are too big and strong to pet their waifus and husbandos on the head.

Anyway, as you defeat and seduce the moe titans you eventually unlock their profiles in the moe-pedia, where you’ll see the different types of moe titans featured in Attack on Moe-H.

If you want to pre-register for the game you can do so by visiting the pre-registration page.

It’s pretty simple, you just log into the Nutaku service with your info and you’ll receive bonuses when the full version of Attack on Moe-H finally launches.

Despite offering interactive H-scenes, Attack on Moe-H actually has fairly low system requirements, since you can play it from out of a browser, so long as you have at least Windows 7, IE 11 or Google Chrome 56 or higher, or Safari 8 or higher.


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