Battlefield 1 Adding Female Russians This Summer; Gamers Bemoan Lack Of Customization
Battlefield 1 Sinead O'Connor
(Last Updated On: May 24, 2017)

Social Justice Warriors have been clamoring for more representation in hardcore, mainstream, AAA games across their blogs, social media and enthusiast press outlets. Treyarch supplemented them with customization features in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, and Infinity Ward did the same with Infinite Warfare. DICE, however, decided to go the Facepunch Studios route by forcing people to play as different races, and soon different genders, starting June 10th.

The announcement came with a tweet by DICE featuring Sinead O’Connor donning the classic Russian Battalion of Death garb, as spotted by Blues.

The first opportunity to play as the female Russians will arrive at he EA Play booth on June 10th.

They followed up this tweet with a post over on the official website, where they announced the new night version of the Nivelle, and a brand new map called Prise de Tahure, set in France.

The post also details how the new expansion pack, “In The Name of the Tsar”, will be released in late summer this year, but you’ll get your first look at the weapons, maps and female scouts on June 10th.

Quite naturally, a lot of people were annoyed at the fact that you wouldn’t get a choice in customizing your character in Battlefield 1, especially since the scout class would be occupied by the Battalion of Death.

Some argued that the several thousand women who served in Russia deserved to be represented, while others argued that they were only really used as propaganda in the media, and didn’t have much presence on the front lines.

It’s interesting because some people see this DLC update as a propaganda ploy to get more eyes on Battlefield 1.

Others complained that it really breaks immersion when you have almost half a squad composed of black Germans. Others state that this is DICE caving in to SJWs.

I think the biggest issue is that a lot of people would just like to have the option.

Treyarch didn’t force people into gender roles or race roles that they didn’t want to be. There was nary a complaint about this issue with games like Black Ops 3 or Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, since they let you choose your race and gender in multiplayer (and in Black Ops 3’s case, the single-player campaign as well).

In DICE’s case, they decided to force people to play as different races, and soon different genders, as a way to force representation into the conversation.

These kind of sociopolitical moves aren’t having a very good desired effect when people are starting to open their eyes and push back against what they perceive as social engineering.

I wonder if DICE will listen to the feedback and at least add in the option to let people choose, or if they’ll continue to move down a path where people perceive them as being influenced by SJWs by force-feeding the issue onto the player-base?

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  • ScarredBushido

    i stopped playing Battlefield 1 few months after launch….realized it’s the same shit done before.

  • patriarchal landmine

    it’s a clever move on their part. it’s basically free advertizing. sjws will crow or scream either way, people will complain about the sjws, it’s all eyeballs to EA.

    • But dabbling in SJWism doesn’t really equate to sales. People tired of politics will tune it out. People tired of SJWs will avoid buying it. And people who are sick of EA will add it to the collection of reasons as to why they won’t be buying the game/DLC.

      Not all press is good press when you’re trying to sell a product.

  • Keystone

    >Sweden based

    Well that explains things.

  • Lyle

    Will. You’ve written about Nazis in WWI. Just sayin’. 🙂

    • Right. I’m so used to the meme about black Nazis it slipped in there.

  • GuyGuysonEsquire

    SJWs must really want to see women and minorities being gunned down and stabbed to death, aren’t they?

  • Alistair

    Didn’t buy battlefail 1 and of course wont buy the DLC.

    You see that the issue, you are “force” to play as woman, of course you play as a woman as that it part of the main game.

    COD MWR Got it right too by having women to choose from from a major updates months back.

    The women soldiers are locked so you need to work unlocking them, that how games that relies on MP to use options and not shoehorn by forceing gamers to be just that character.

    As for me Im such a perv as a man should be right, so i always pick as a women character but then i have seen myself having a few characters max of 8 in FF14. and destiny is another great example.

    What can i say is i like strong sexy characters in games, because the avatar i chose doesn’t have to reflect me doesn’t need to be look like me.

    Example im a bloke so duh i must pick a male avatar, that is not true if a game gives you choice you can be a male or female the issue i have with identity politics that regressions has is this we need more diversity to reflect real world.

    Example we have to chose a color skin, hair style etc but wait, where all the trans, qay, and disabled characters if you add these in you just get a big of a download as the file wil be so huge and time costly.

    Besides as people often said, i play games to escape reality and social justice so why the hell should i have to remind of it in games just to make some snowflakes feel better. Fuck that.

  • Pratim Gupta

    If the game is good, i don’t care for SJW shit, but i have to point out that not many woman fought in WW1, some did but very rarely.

    • Mr.Towel

      Worse yet, for the ones who did fight, most of them did not fight by choice. For many, their hands were forced into battle. The Russian case is even worse, many were forcibly conscripted into battle. No training, no will, just more meatshields to increase their numbers. They were usually just farmers.

      Way to glorify actual female abuse, EA. Congratulations, SJ fanatism is getting people blind to the human suffering they profess to protect.

      • Pratim Gupta

        They are shouting female glory over adding Women in Battlefield 1, without even knowing the real story behind them, well at least we know and through these many can be introduce to the real history

  • SevTheBear

    Well DICE is Swedish, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise

  • LurkerJK

    I was watching a DICE keynote about VR earlier today and the dude was talking about remaking important events so that younger generations can experience them and all i could think about is how they are going to use that to rewrite history and indoctrinate younglings, with shit like this how i cannot think the worst about everything ?

    oh well, soon COD:WW2 will teach us about how soldier units during WW2 were mainly conformed with women while men stayed back home sucking their thumbs

  • ItEotWaWKI
  • giygas

    Can’t wait to see jewish black transgender wheelchair-bound Nazis in DICE’s next Battlefield game as they continue to one-up Call of Duty.

    • Alistair

      We think a like, but seriously i can see this coming if you press so hard with social justice, if they so hell bent of “Pushing” A social justice agenda then one day.

      It could one day be a reality. Also get your limited edition burka DLC for ecchi game wrap your wafuis into burka. Free for two weeks, £11·99.

  • Disqusted

    I hear Russian women love feminity and being feminine, which makes them the ultimate enemies of SJWs.

    The option would be nice, yes, but I don’t see much point being a pretty female in a first person game where we essentially just shoot and blow each other up.

  • Vrenna

    It is ironic isn’t it?
    People fighting over the representation in games of people who really fought for something serious. We’ve became so futile that instead of just enjoying the peace achieved by the heroes of decades ago we waste our meaningless lives in rhetoric political bullshit.

    These SJWs have no shame of using the honorable dead for their authoritarian childish goals, they are depressing miserable little shits who do not deserve the peace inherited by their ancestors, and yet have the filthy balls to trample over it? Spare me from this insanity world!

    • These SJWs have no shame of using the honorable dead for their authoritarian childish goals, they are depressing miserable little shits who do not deserve the peace inherited by their ancestors, and yet have the filthy balls to trample over it?

      Time travel can’t come soon enough, so we can send them back to the front lines and let them experience the hell that is war firsthand.

      • Disqusted

        Or just keep reliving the time period when SJWs didn’t exist.

        That’s a joke. I think we all know exactly what we could really do with time travel.

      • Alistair

        Im so envy of the doctor in Dr who.

        Of how he time travels then i relise something and i not envy no more.

        Didn’t the BBC went full diversity on that show as well and that the one other reason i stopped watching dr who not paying a Tv license was the best thing i ever did.

        Because for the 1st time in a long running Tv show a open admitted gay character she basically told the doctor she gay.

        • Yeah they went full diversity. Caused a bit of an uproar but the media was there to talk up how progressive it was.