Battlefield 1 Adding Female Russians This Summer; Gamers Bemoan Lack Of Customization
Battlefield 1 Sinead O'Connor

Social Justice Warriors have been clamoring for more representation in hardcore, mainstream, AAA games across their blogs, social media and enthusiast press outlets. Treyarch supplemented them with customization features in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, and Infinity Ward did the same with Infinite Warfare. DICE, however, decided to go the Facepunch Studios route by forcing people to play as different races, and soon different genders, starting June 10th.

The announcement came with a tweet by DICE featuring Sinead O’Connor donning the classic Russian Battalion of Death garb, as spotted by Blues.

The first opportunity to play as the female Russians will arrive at he EA Play booth on June 10th.

They followed up this tweet with a post over on the official website, where they announced the new night version of the Nivelle, and a brand new map called Prise de Tahure, set in France.

The post also details how the new expansion pack, “In The Name of the Tsar”, will be released in late summer this year, but you’ll get your first look at the weapons, maps and female scouts on June 10th.

Quite naturally, a lot of people were annoyed at the fact that you wouldn’t get a choice in customizing your character in Battlefield 1, especially since the scout class would be occupied by the Battalion of Death.

Some argued that the several thousand women who served in Russia deserved to be represented, while others argued that they were only really used as propaganda in the media, and didn’t have much presence on the front lines.

It’s interesting because some people see this DLC update as a propaganda ploy to get more eyes on Battlefield 1.

Others complained that it really breaks immersion when you have almost half a squad composed of black Germans. Others state that this is DICE caving in to SJWs.

I think the biggest issue is that a lot of people would just like to have the option.

Treyarch didn’t force people into gender roles or race roles that they didn’t want to be. There was nary a complaint about this issue with games like Black Ops 3 or Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, since they let you choose your race and gender in multiplayer (and in Black Ops 3’s case, the single-player campaign as well).

In DICE’s case, they decided to force people to play as different races, and soon different genders, as a way to force representation into the conversation.

These kind of sociopolitical moves aren’t having a very good desired effect when people are starting to open their eyes and push back against what they perceive as social engineering.

I wonder if DICE will listen to the feedback and at least add in the option to let people choose, or if they’ll continue to move down a path where people perceive them as being influenced by SJWs by force-feeding the issue onto the player-base?


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