Battlefield 1 Guide: Here’s How To Help Improve Your Aim On PS4 And Xbox One

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Folks on PS4 and Xbox One looking to improve their aim in Battlefield 1 might find this guide to be helpful… hopefully. This guide covers a new function recently added to BF1 that helps with movement and looking around to increase your prospect of precise shots or hip-fire when the going gets tough. EA and DICE’s Battlefield 1 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

In the latest update that EA and DICE published to players adds a new option that allows adjustment of the Stick Aiming Acceleration. This feature allows one to choose the amount of acceleration when pressing the aim analog when not in zoom/ADS.

Adding on to the above, when the bar’s value is all the way down to zero this means that the movement will be just like Battlefield 4, as seen below.

This information comes from YouTuber FfC Upshall, who covers the new feature in some detail; but in a way that’s not too long. You can check out the three minute long video below.

The setting gives players an instant whip when looking around so that you can aim more precise. I should note that you should mess around with the settings to see what suits you best, because not everyone may like the base value at zero. If you happen to be like many of the players found in FfC Upshall comment section that’s great, but please experiment around with the settings to get a better idea as to what fits your play-style. If you also need a better monitor to see the enemies in the distance, there’s this guide to find out the best gaming monitor to help improve your aim.

The older guide video in the above video’s description covers a setting setup that’s meant to help players on the battlefield. In other words, it’s safe to call it a “try hard” setup to help assist your aim — if the video doesn’t work below click this link to see the video.

Battlefield 1 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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