Bayonetta Nude Mod Blasts Onto The Scene, Download Available
Bayonetta Nude Mod

Platinum Games and Sega recently released Bayonetta onto PC back on April 11th. Modders instantly got to work, convening in forums and on Discord chats to break down the science necessary to nudify the eponymous title character, Bayonetta. Well, after a week of dedicated and serious research, modders have accomplished their task and the first nude mod for Bayonetta has blasted its way onto the scene and the download is currently available right now.

Modder masterofx informed the gaming community that not only is there a nude mod available for Bayonetta, but there are also different sexy-time clothes available as well. You can download the nude mod variations right now from the Undertow.Club forum page.

You simply need to download the files and extract them to a folder called /data/pl off the main Bayonetta game directory. You can see what the mod looks like with the image below. Warning: clicking through will take you to the NSFW version of the image.

The mod also comes with an optional no-intro feature so you can skip through the game’s intros. There’s also a series of other outfits you can download as well, including a nude mod for the Angel Joy outfit, and transparent nude mods for the green, blue and red sports gear.

You will need a hex editor, DDS editing software and an optional Dragon unpacker.

Masterofx explains how to actually mod in the files, writing…

“After extracting the cpk file of your choice (data12.cpk for example) you will get some .dat files in most cases. Most of them contain game textures, model textures, model info…etc. The .dat files that contain DDS images can be either searched for with a hex editor, just simply search for the text DDS, it’s the only header in the .dat file that is an actual DDS (from what i found). […]


“[…] After editing your file, you need to have a copy of the original image or have a copy of the original .dat file as the header of the dds needs to be the exact same one as before, otherwise the game crashes.” […] The header is 1D in length in hex code, so after you pasted the hex code of the edited dds on top of the old one, paste also the header of the original on top of that and you’re good to go.”

Feel free to check out the full thread on the proper instructions to install the mod if you run into any trouble.

If you don’t already own a copy of Bayonetta on PC, you can grab a digital copy right now from over on the Steam store for just $19.99.


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