Black Desert Online Makes Its Way To Steam For $9.99
Black Desert Online

One of the sexiest MMOs out there is Pearl Abyss’ Black Desert Online. It’s one of the few games that actually raises the beauty standards for characters in a video game instead of lowering them in order to make depressed, self-loathing Tumblrites feel better about not taking care of themselves physically (or mentally, for that matter).

For gamers who game through the Steam client, you’ll be pleased to know that Black Desert Online is currently available for purchase on Steam starting at $9.99. As part of the launch week deal, you can actually get the game for 40% off the normal price for only $5.99 during the first week of its availability.

Alternatively, if you get the higher-end packages, such as the Black Desert Online Traveler’s Package or the Black Desert Online Explorer’s Package, you’ll be able to get your hands on them for 73% off and 75% off.

Given that the game will likely have a huge influx of new players, Kakao Games will employ speed servers to help mitigate server stress.

In addition to this, they’ll also have a new Striker Level-Up Contest that will run between today, May 24th, and June 21st next month. If grinding fast and trying to level up as quickly as possible is outside the realm of your skill expertise, they also have a Trailer Creation Contest, which will run up until the end of May on the 31st.

One major drawback to the game making its way from its own client to Steam is that you won’t be able to carryover your account details from the original native version to the Steam version. You will have to purchase the Steam version separately if you want to play with those on Valve’s client. It’s a tough break but that’s how the dice fall.

You can learn more about Black Desert Online being on Steam by visiting the Steam store.


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