Black Panther & The Crew, SJW Comic Cancelled By Marvel After Six Issues
Black Panther and The Crew
(Last Updated On: May 15, 2017)

New reports have come in that Marvel’s comic book division is currently starting to clean house when it comes to SJW content. Heat Street is reporting that due to poor sales of writer Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Black Panther & The Crew’s Social Justice-themed comic book about blacks fighting back against inner-city oppression, Marvel is canceling the series once the six issue arc wraps up.

The news was confirmed when Coates told The Verge that the series was being canned.

Coates had teamed up with poet Yona Harvey to unfold the story centering around the mysterious death of a civil rights activist, mirrored on the activism happening in America today from groups like Black Lives Matter. According to Coates, it was stated that…

“The Crew was an opportunity to get inside [the heroes] as black people,”

The comic wasn’t listed in the latest monthly sales charts yet, so it’s not possible to see exactly what the drop-off rate was between the issues that led to Marvel canceling the series, but it must have been pretty bad given that they let comics like Mockingbird and Hellcat go on for a while before the plug was pulled. In fact, Hellcat managed to go a whole year before it wrapped up, resulting in a 81% decline in year-over-year sales.

Marvel also cancelled a few other properties, one of which falls within the Black Panther mythos called Black Panther: The World of Wakanda, which was also penned by Ta-Nehisi Coates. It was shelved alongside Hellcat earlier this year. According to Comichron World of Wakanda only shifted 17,454 copies in February.

It was first published back in November of 2016, according to Marvel. And if you check the numbers on Comichron, the number #1 issue debuted at the 33 spot out of the top 100 back in November with just over 57,000 copies sold.

Since its debut, Black Panther: World of Wakanda has seen close to a 70% drop-off rate in sales from November, 2016 to February, 2017. Apparently Black Panther & The Crew sold even worse than World of Wakanda, which at least managed to get in a few months worth of sales before having the plug pulled, The Crew didn’t even manage that.

While Marvel really wanted to pursue SJW storylines and content in their comic books, the sales don’t match their enthusiasm for entertainment activism. Since then, Marvel has acknowledged the sales tanking across many of their brands, and have stated that they will be axing many of the SJW elements in their mainline series and going back to more traditional hero stories in the fall for their more popular characters.

While Marvel may have wanted to force-feed readers with poorly done stories based on SJW ideologies, the reality is that the community was not taking to the stories at all. Marvel attempted to blame the sales-dive on misogyny and give the media an alt-right fantasy villain to blame, but at the end of the day there was one absolute truth that they could not overcome:

The numbers don’t lie.

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  • Phasmatis75

    I forget who it was that pointed this out, but once you lose parts of your fanbase they never return. Of course this was in relation to the NFL, but it’s relevant to Marvel as well. Now it’s DC, Darkhourse, and a few indis with Marvel being considered a joke.

  • SevTheBear

    always something that shitty comics like these gets shoot down.

  • Mr.Towel

    I’m guessing Marvel pulled the plug so quickly on this one because it’s getting harder and harder to defend BLM, even for normies. Things are starting to stinky badly, it’s getting to risky for them. They rather pull the plug now than deal with controversies later.

  • No matter how much they cancel SJW-injected media, always remember that these people are usually SJWs and feminists through and through.

    They’ll find other ways of inserting that cancerous ideology into their media.

  • Grey

    They probably could have crammed in as much social justice stuff as they wanted if they had at least maintained a high level of storytelling and art.

    Instead, they hired artists who seemed to come from the shallow end of deviantart and tumblr activists to pen thinly veiled propaganda.

    • Disqusted

      I dunno if that’s possible. I don’t think SJW stuff makes for good storytelling, because of how SJWs are fundamentally about obnoxiously shoving self-deluded self-righteousness in people’s faces.

      • Mr.Towel

        To them, ideological interpretations are always the priority. Story, presentation, subtlety, consistency, depth, etc, are all secondary after thoughts.

        And what’s worse is that they feel things that way. Anything becomes instantly the best thing in the world if it aligns with their ideology. If it doesn’t, it’s never good enough, it could be “better with social dynamics”. To them, this is “progression”, this is advancement, this is the “future”.

        It’s one of the reason they like to get old classics people liked because they were, you know, good pieces of work, and transform it in a social justice fan-fiction. They think they brought good to the “future” by maiming it to their ideological standards, without ever understanding what made the work so good in the first place.

  • Disqusted

    “mirrored on the activism happening in America today from groups like Black Lives Matter”

    So it’s about a bunch of assholes given free housing and tons of money by Soros, and a free pass to wreck havoc and murder tons of cops whenever a convicted criminal with a criminal record gets caught in the act, whilst completely ignoring the murder of innocent blacks, including little girls. And nobody is allowed to even point out or discuss these inconsistencies, because it’s “racist”. Okay.

    Also, wasn’t Black Panther the name of the fake racist coloring book that US intelligence agencies made, to stir up racial conflict? Ironic choice of name.

    • Phasmatis75

      Got to love how my choices are in this debate: George Soros controlled black lives matter or George Soros controlled police.

      Like there is no third option where you tell black lives matter where it can go F*** itself and demand some serious revisals to police conduct, police unions, and an outlawing of quotas and a completely overhauled training regiment. Accountability would be good as well. When body camera’s lower incidence by 90% because they know they’re being watched always, you probably have a behavioral and institutional issues, which is exactly what numerous police have said as their profession went down the drain.

    • Johnny Number 5

      blm are a hate group. the black equivalent of the kkk. I wouldn’t be surprised if they escalate to violence and even terrorist activities just like the kkk did in their heyday. people supporting blm are as ignorant as the people who supported the kkk. and probably as racist as most of their supporters as well. I know, it’s shocking, black people can be racists too

      • chalie c

        Blm matter is a group formed of different races and ethnic backgrouds targeting the social injustices that blacks face in America. KKK is a hate group that hates everyone that’s not white

  • giygas
  • Audie Bakerson

    I’m glad Energizer is too obscure to get anything more than a cameo the past decade, can’t imagazine what Marvel would do to her (unfortunately Lightspeed hasn’t been so lucky)

  • Bitterbear

    The usual suspects shilled this writer really hard. As if he was some kind of prodigy. Like the second coming of Isaac Asimov. Wow, that fell really flat.

    His World of Wakanda Comic books felt like all the jokes I’ve made about what Indie Games With a Mature Theme¹ means condensed into 21 pages of tripe. Up until I stopped wasting my time/money, it was all about poopooing men, glorifying lesbians, and the black version of I’m With Her propaganda.

    The other comic book he wrote was tedious as fuck, loaded with stereotypes including the evil bald white guy in a corporate suit. The only nuance it had was that any black person that dared criticized how Black Panther was doing things, is an Uncle Tom who deserved to die.

    Compared it against these two titles. Mockingbird is much better in both writing and visuals and deserves a longer run.

    ¹ Indie Games With a Mature Theme in general are never about tackling issues that those with an Adult can handle without curling into a screeching ball of self-diagnosed autism. Instead it’s about three themes:
    Post Apocalyptic future because Capitalism destroyed the world/environment, A Tyrant government that only Socialism can topple, and Lesbians.

    • Disqusted

      “The usual suspects shilled this writer really hard. As if he was some kind of prodigy.”

      Probably means they’re sleeping with him, or have some other kind of personal connection, as has been repeatedly proven the case with SJWs and the lamestream media in general.

    • Daniel Ream

      “…and Lesbians.”

      LOL It’s funny, there’s a regular gaming zine I used to follow for a little niche indie tabletop game. In an ill-advised attempt to be inclusive, every other issue started running the dykiest of dyke-y articles, scenarios, whatever. Like, the most stereotypical tumblr queer dyke shit. Including the most humorless, this-is-all-about-challenging-gender-norms take on gaming Xena: Warrior Princess I’ve ever seen.

      They went from producing 7 issues a year to 6 to 5 and they haven’t published anything since October ’16. Hmm. I guess catering to 1.5% of your already-tiny market wasn’t a great marketing plan.

  • daniel_ream

    Waaaaaaay back in the day, DC tried to revive the flagging Green lantern title with the “Hard Travelin’ Heroes” plotline, which was the first Silver Age attempt at social justice plotlines (back then they called it Relevance, with a capital R, as in “social relevance”). To this day, that run is held up as an example of comic book bravely tackling the issues of the day.

    What gets left out of the history books is that it killed the title. Green Lantern was cancelled entirely, Green Arrow relegated to permanent backup feature, and for nearly fifteen years afterward, “Relevance” was a dirty word at the DC comics bullpen.

    The comic book industry won’t learn from that fiasco or this one, but we can at least hope this agenda-pushing goes away for another fifteen years.

  • Bamf

    My God, they made Misty Knight hideous.

  • Hawk Hopper

    White people with white guilt are the only reason Ta-Nehisi Coates has any sort of fame.

  • GodBowser


    Don’t know about the injection of social justice raising the bar but it sure lowered Marval’s profits

  • Goodgrief

    Hey Billy, did you hear about this one?

  • Just asked about these “types” of articles yesterday.
    SJW ideologies vs Economics
    Nice to have actual figures to quote – when needed!

    Thanks again Billy D

  • Gorgon

    Marvel comics are irrelevant now, anyway. it’s all about the movies.

    Coincidentally, movies are all based on old stories, nobody want’s to touch modern stuff.


    *Paul Joseph Watson impression.* IMAGINE MY SHOCK.

    • Bamf

      You make excellent points, my friend. As a life-long Marvel fan, I hope they fail.

    • Disqusted

      I’m pretty sure everyone likes Storm. Except Marvel and SJWs, of course. If they did, they wouldn’t feel the need to forcefully dumb down characters like her into mindless regressive Soros puppets, and then accuse everyone else of “hating women” when they naturally dislike it.

      • MONAD

        Truthfully, I identified with her claustrophobia. I have a somewhat mild case of it, but it’s there. Other than that, there was a lot of good characterization written for her up until around 2000, when her and a lot of other X-Men characters started dumbing themselves down to appeal to the lowest common denominator (which still didn’t fucking work).

        • Disqusted

          It’s pretty stupid how companies keep trying to change existing IPs to appeal to new demographics that fundamentally clash with the IP, instead of making something new that appeals directly to that demographic.

    • SevTheBear

      Cheers to that

    • Johnny Number 5

      Johhny Number 5 … sees sales are not alive