Corroded, Arena Brawler Updated With New Private Rooms, Visual Upgrades

Encircle Games announced that they have a new update for their arena brawler, Corroded. The game launched into Early Access on Steam at the end of April. The update features the ability to make use of private rooms, as well as a new filter for friends lists native to Corroded and the Steam friends list.

The update was rolled out recently to bring Corroded up to version 0.810. The changelog was posted up over on the Steam page. This includes more legible text for those with visual impairments, as well as new progression rewards and updates to some of the game’s visual elements.

The update also includes some bug fixes and balancing for some of the specials.

The update was followed by a press release from the developers reminding gamers that Corroded even exists. The game is an arena brawler where six players hop into a map and duke it out.

The gimmick to Corroded is that each of the maps begin to shrink as the fight progresses, forcing players to continually find new ways to beat the crap out of opponents before time runs out.

The game was originally inspired by a mod for Warcraft 3 called Warlocks. They decided to upgrade the concept and turn it into a full fledged game.

You can get an idea of what Corroded looks like with the gameplay video below from YouTuber vadimklose.

There’s a bit of a MOBA-style design to the game while the concept centers around a Super Smash Bros. kind of setup.

They don’t have a final release date for when Corroded plans on releasing in full, but they plan on adding in more upgrades and abilities for the characters, along with improved game balance, additional enhanced arenas, and leaderboards.

The Early Access version of the game is only $12.99 over on the Steam store. The concept seems like it could work with the right amount of characters and arena variety. You’ll likely have to keep an eye on the store page for future updates.


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