Creativerse Beginner’s Guide To Creating Worlds And Items

Playful Corporation not too long ago released the full version of Creativerse. In this guide newcomers or beginners looking for tips and ways to become better at the game will hopefully find useful information. Creativerse is out now for PC via Steam.

Before jumping into the guide, the official description explaining the game is up for you to read.

“Wield the power to manipulate and transform the land to your will in a world of endless discovery. Gain mastery over your world through exploration, combat, mining, crafting, and building. Settle in and build your home as you harvest crops, tame beasts, brew potions, cook food, and engineer mechanical marvels.”

If you are new and seek a rundown on how to play Creativerse, a bulleted list sits below showing timestamps to key features thanks to a video by TheAdventureBits (playing a slightly older version of Creativerse, but it still holds up):

The rest of the video after 16:15 shows other adventure endeavors, but if you want to check out the full video it currently sits below for your viewing pleasure.

Next up is yet another beginner’s guide for newcomers. The video runs through a current version of Creativerse and how to make stuff. This includes how to create a character and what is currently changeable, how to make a world and password lock-it, traversing the land and finding materials and much more. The video guide below comes in by Kestrel North.

Lastly, It’s recommend that if you have trusty friends, it’s best to roam around with them or by yourself in a private world and test objects, items and other consumables to see what works and what doesn’t during a playthrough. This way you have a better idea of what the game is like before diving in with strangers online.

It’s also helpful to write down stuff or to make mental notes of things, and to visit sites like Creativerse wikia to stay up to date.

Creativerse is available for free and is out now for PC via Steam.


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