Darksiders 3 Trailer Sadly Falls Victim To Arguments Over Identity Politics
Darksiders 3
(Last Updated On: May 2, 2017)

Identity politics have invaded every aspect of our culture, especially entertainment culture. It’s impossible to go anywhere without it being subject matter that pervades the space of discussion, or the topic of interest amongst some. And as a perfect example of this, THQ Nordic’s recently announced Darksiders 3 has also preemptively fallen victim to the identity politics debate, despite the fact that the game has only been announced and we still don’t know much about it.

Slashgear spotted the images from over on Amazon, which has a placeholder date of December 31st, 2018. This was followed up with a near two-minute video that IGN managed to get their hands on, which you can check out below.

Gunfire Games is now at the helm of development, which consists of some of the alumni from Vigil Games. The story follows Fury during War’s trial at the start of Darksiders 1, where she must take down the seven deadly sins while War was doing his own thing of trying to clear his name.

Now Fury is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse in the realm of Darksiders. Her and Strife replace the traditional horsemen in theology known as Pestilence and Famine, as indicated on the comic book wiki page. So, in essence, Fury being the lead for THQ Nordic’s Darksiders 3 wasn’t pandering… she’s always been part of the lore. And since they completed War and Death’s stories in Darksiders 1 and Darksiders 2, the natural progression of the lore would mean that Fury and Strife would be next.

Unfortunately, people not familiar with the comic series would likely assume that this is another AAA industry pro-pandering move to replace a lead character with a female. Even though this is actually just the continuation of the story from the first two Darksiders games. The final game in the series (assuming Darksiders 3 does well in sales) would follow Strife and whatever he was up to while the other three were busy during the Apocalypse.

Yet the comment section on the YouTube video for Darksiders 3 quickly devolved into debates about millennials, feminism, female characters and identity politics. White knights led the charge trying to look chivalrous against an army of strawmen.

So this is what the gaming landscape has become.

Third-wave feminists, rapist white knights, and pliable millennials have jumped on board this politically correct, identity politics train and rode it so hard that now every single game with a female lead is likely going to undergo undue scrutiny because the SJWs have done nothing but ruin video games.

Sadly, this even overtook a celebration thread on GameFaqs about Darksiders 3 being announced, which then devolved into more debates about identity politics.

Well, I hope SJWs are happy now. They’ve forced this issue so far down the throats of everyone that now even normies feel as if it’s a trend pointing toward SJWism when a female lead pops up in a game based on a series where she was already one of the lead characters.

It’s become such a toxic minefield — filled with Bouncing Betty invectives and Claymore criticisms — that now movies like Wonder Woman and games like Darksiders 3 are at risk of being ignored or skipped over because some people will instantly feel as if they’re part of the SJW propaganda machine.

It’s funny because before identity politics and SJWs took over the entertainment field, there were a lot of people actually excited about Fury being in a Darksiders game, as evident with a thread from Gamefaqs back in 2013. This was just before things devolved into the sad, sorry state that it’s currently in.

A lot of SJWs like to point and laugh whenever people get angry about identity politics popping up in popular media, but they’re the ones who brought the chicken to the dog fight. Of course people are going to be angry.

It’s a real shame, because the Darksiders games have been good comic book-style action-RPG fanfare. Now this isn’t to say that the new developers behind the helm won’t go full SJW, but right now all we know is that they’re following the story already laid out by the comic books and novels. I do wonder what the rest of the developers from Vigil think about all of this? Some of them are now busy working on Battle Chasers for the Nintendo Switch and other platforms, so they probably haven’t paid much attention to the news.

Anyway, you can look for Darksiders 3 to launch in 2018.

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  • Raging Papist

    At the end of the day, in the modern pop era, everything will become Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Anything that was unique or interesting about that show and characters is lost considering storytellers only know (or want) to write that kind of thing. Girl-power fantasies are the new normal of storytelling. Look at Marvel, look at Star Wars, look at gaming in general. I don’t have anything against that genera per se, but I don’t want every single form of fiction to turn into Buffy.

  • Another Commenter

    All I know is the loot system in DarkSiders 2 was garbage. The RNG took all the joy out of finding a well-hidden chest because it was just going to have the same random nonsense in it as every other chest in the game. They might have had a cool idea to start with, but they took it way to far in the end. They need to balance the loot tables better and add more “tiers” of chest rarity.

  • jlenoconel

    I didn’t like the first Darksiders game I played so I don’t care.

    There does seem like there’s a general push for female protagonists in AAA games now. Its whatever to me at this point. I’m losing interest in mainstream gaming fast anyway.

  • MusouTensei

    My problem is that as far as I know it was planned to have Fury (having actually played 1&2 I know she’s a girl) and Strife in the 3rd game together, having now only Fury does have the bad aftertaste of possible SJW garbage, their tweet saying “…but with a little more attitude” and talking about that she has to become the most powerful of the horsemen in their PR plot desctription wasn’t helping either. It was never about becoming the strongest, all 4 horsemen are necessary to save mankind, 1 alone can not win, the message of the 1st game’s ending is pretty clear.
    I hope I’m wrong, I love the 1st game and the 2nd was still pretty good, but like you said, the well has basically become the devil’s toilet bowl that he never flushes, and I too can get paranoid nowadays when I see things like that, pre Anita times I would have been excited as fuck for a new Darksiders, fuck you Anita, fuck you femtards, fuck you SJWs.

    Another problem I also have, how long do we have to wait for a Strife game then? What if this one sells bad? Imo legit concerns about their decision to not have both in 1 game.

  • Disqusted

    To be honest, one of the reasons I never tried Darksiders is because I look for games with female protagonists, or even better, character creation (personal preference). I can’t even say I like female protagonists anymore, because people would accuse me of being an SJW. Thanks, feminist assholes.

    I’ve always wanted to make games with female protagonists too, but I probably can’t even do that now for fear of negative reactions and assumptions. Not to mention attacks from feminists looking for fuel to play victim.

    SJWs and feminists have effectively created a negative knee jerk reaction to female characters. You can see the same shit happening with race/religion stuff, too. It has to be one of Soros’ methods to sow conflict. And it’s working.

    Part of the problem is people are simple as shit and often believe there’s only ever one reason/explanation for anything. They get fixated on an initial idea/suggestion/belief and don’t consider other possibilities.

    It’s kinda like how people assume that all motivation is ultimately sexual, so Dead or Alive fighters must only be for fapping. I can’t say I like the feel of the combat, nobody believes me. It’s incredibly frustrating trying to have a proper reasonable conversation with those kinds of one-dimensional people.

    • jlenoconel

      I play smaller games with female protagonists because I don’t believe there is an agenda when people make these kinds of games. I think most indies I play feature a female lead, to be fair.

      • For all the whining that the SJWs do about AAA titles, you’re right that a large contingent of indie titles these days feature female leads across a wide spectrum of genres.

        • jlenoconel

          Its different because you aren’t paying like $60 for the game, so its like whatever to me. SJW shit isn’t the only problem with AAA gaming, its the mainstream industry in general that sucks.

  • Waifu Engineering

    Only a few years ago many game “journalists” were celebrating the demise of the Japanese games industry and lauding the dominance of the superior West.

    Well, well, well, ain’t it karma now. Turns out the best recent games are Japanese, and the few good “Western” games are made by proud Slavs.

    Identity Politics, Critical Theory, and Feminism have destroyed the Western video game industry. Sucks for the devs still in it, serves them right.

    • Disqusted

      I don’t know why people keep saying Western games are better. They tend to be visually and technologically better, but often fail hard in terms of actual gameplay and design. You can tell where all the budget goes. The West has all their priorities wrong. They’re too busy fapping over technological advances and “progressive” politics.

      I feel like Japan recently makes too many 2d RPGs, but I’ve also heard most of their devs have moved to mobile gaming platforms, so that’s probably why.

      Then you have companies like Konami throwing everything away to leap into pachinko. Capcom keeps outsourcing to Western dev teams, while saying they are trying to make games that appeal to Westerners. Etc, etc.

      I think Japan should just stick to doing what they’re good at. People like Japanese stuff that’s made for Japanese audiences. They don’t go to Japanese media to experience wannabe Western media.

  • John27

    Now watch the SJWs complain that she isn’t an obese lesbian Marxist or some tranny circus freakazoid. They’re never satisfied.

  • For me, it’s like this: I know Fury has been a woman since the beginning, but my issues are she took Strife’s place despite being teased to come before her. Her design has also been changed to be more PC and safe, and you can tell by contrasting her design now with back then. I’m also kind of annoyed we’re still nowhere near closer to the continuation of the first game’s cliffhanger ending.

  • AlecJ

    Like an abused dog, we flinch anytime we see a hand raised, many times its merely someone scratching their head, but after a while your instinct of self preservation takes over….

    Unfortunately, thats where are at, these days.

  • Phasmatis75

    To correct you, Gunfire games is largely staffed by former Vigil Employees and the Darksiders series creators. I’d imagine they’re disappointed at how the climate that has ruined western video game industry, and nervous that they’re going to put all this effort and passion into a product that will likely fail.

    When they announced Fury as the next Rider, I wasn’t surprised. It was heavily hinted in 2 she would be next. Even though I really want to play as Strife, cause he looks freaking epic.

    • You’re right, some of those from Vigil are heading up development on the game at Gunfire. Made the slight correction there.

  • Javier Vega

    I kind of known about the Female Character in the Darksiders game they introduced that in the Comic with the release for the game.

  • ItEotWaWKI

    The female lead and potential for feminist propaganda are not the reason I won’t be bothering with any more Darksiders titles, or at the very least Ds3 and whatever Strifes Ds winds-up being titled. The reason I’m done with Darksiders is because “Fury” and “Strife” aren’t horsemen. Famine and Pestilence or GtFO.

    Side note: I’ll be blown out of my socks if Wonder Woman isn’t riddled with feminazi horseshit, and I’d be willing to bet my left nut that it will be.

  • LurkerJK

    Third-wave feminists, rapist white knights,
    and pliable millennials have jump on board this politically correct,
    identity politics train and rode it so hard that now every single game
    with a female lead is likely going to undergo undue scrutiny because the
    SJWs have done nothing but ruin video games.

    It is an irrational but understandable push back to being force fed bullshit, from now on all female protagonists will be suspect and there is just no way to avoid it other than not using them

    Its the same result from most “diversity” quotas, when you force something ppl will naturally push against it and just like most quota examples, female protagonists were already on the rise before the sjw madness started and the end result of the bad blood generated against the concept will be regression

    • Phasmatis75

      Hardly irrational. This is the culmination of 800 year ideology that is finally going to be snuffed out.

  • Bamf

    I understand the frustration of both seeing our favorite forms of entertainment being distorted and also being accused of overly sensitive, but I have say that currently with this game there isn’t an issue.

    As you state in the article, the story is simply following the comics so far, so at this point it’s pure speculation as to whether or not this game will be crappy attempt at pandering of denouncing sexuality.

    Until an y such evidence comes up, I think it’s best to hope that this game turns out well and focus attention on deplorable individuals like Feminazis rather than make ourselves crazy at possibility that this game fails.

  • durka durka

    Somewhere else i read they put more clothes on her compared to the concept art. I am glad this is not a coop game like dead space 3 was, because at the time everyone was doing coop and i kinda expected the third darksiders game to have coop just because corporate suits think its a good idea.

  • Alistair

    This is of topic, how this for a biggest troll “gag” ever Nier & Nier Automata Yoko toro that his not his proper name.

    As he remove that mask it become the platinum games director,

    Make that what you will.


    • Yoko joked about it on Twitter.

      He knew that Kamiya was under there.

      • Alistair

        I thought it was the other way round that Yoko doesn’t like to be seen with out the Emil mask.

        But good on them to do a light hearted gag about it. lol 😂

        • It’s true that Yoko doesn’t like to be seen without the mask. So Kamiya pretended that he was Yoko all along as part of the gag.


    I expected this was going to happen. Thanks to ID Politics being peddled by these bullshit artists (Anita being the chief among them), a good game could be potentially overshadowed by “MUH SKEPTICISM(tm)”. This was what they wanted to do all along. This was what the social justice press wanted to get out of us. They wanted us to get all mad about shit like this thanks to their meddling. You know what, though? I’m not going to give in to their bullshit. I’m going to buy Darksiders II next month, play the hell out of the first (I already have it), and then II. When III comes out, I’m going to buy and play the hell out of it.

    I hope each and every one of you commenters will do the same to SPITE these motherfuckers. This will not work. This CAN NOT work on us again. These people are absolute cancer, and they’re causing divide where it doesn’t need to be.

  • SevTheBear

    DS1 was okay, but DS2 was just really boring most of the time. I hope DS3 is gonna be better.

    It’s sad that all the bad pandering has done so much damage to female leads unless we talk games from Japan where they know how to do it right (Nier, Nioh Persona series). But that is was you get when you listen to dumb radical feminists instead of the fans who buy and play your games. But I bet they are just gonna use this as ammo against Gamers as always :/

    • Phasmatis75

      Looks like we definitely agree there. I ended up so bored with DS2 I never finished it. I want to go back and buy the improved edition for the PS4 and give it another run, but not if it’s still going to be painfully dull.

      • SevTheBear

        The levels in DS1 are more interesting. DS2 falls victim to boring level design and less engaging story. The Beginning and End was okay, but the middle is boring as hell.

        • Phasmatis75

          Never made it to the end of DS2. Agreed the levels were just boring, to much empty space and they just didn’t capture the imagination or attention like the first games levels did. Having said that the first game wasn’t an epic masterpiece. The mechanics were half hearted, and the over all game okay, not great, but it certainly had it’s low points. The problem with 2 was that it didn’t fix the issues with the first game and extrapolated further on them.

          • SevTheBear

            Agree. The first was just okay but nothing wild. Yeah 2 didn’t fix the problems at all.

  • Vrenna

    This is the result of quotas and pandering.
    Merit itself becomes questionable, forever after it. Once you start putting women and minorities (women are not a minority) in quota positions, every single woman and minority representative’s merit becomes questionable.
    I’ve seen this happen live, and I’m not surprised if it becomes the norm from now on after these moral authoritarians from the left lose their power. Backlash is coming, and it won’t be pretty, it never is.

  • Gozu Tennoh

    So long as shes hot and theres no actual bs present in the game, its all good.

  • anopolis

    well..i won’t buy it cause i HATE girls…sure they’re soft, they smell nice..they’re great friends…good in bed…they have boobies…and i enjoy their company..(some of them) ….but fuck em!!! i hate em…even little ones that call me dad..man I hate girls…split tail devils i say…course without them….life wouldn’t be worth living…soo……nope!!!! hate em….cause im a anti-sjw…makes sense to me.

    • Disqusted

      The disturbing part about girls is their beautiful exterior often hides an extremely ugly interior. And they have no social obligation to improve their inner-self, because “progressive” society will always forgive whatever horrible, cruel things they may do.

      • anopolis

        oooohhh before we judge them too quickly or harshly…its human nature, if men were given such an advantage do you think we would not take it?…look at other parts of the world, where women rank right up there with pretty sheep…or a fine goat…we do have our problems but people do what they can get away with…all of us do..old/young boy/girl…i don’t hate them for taking the opportunity , I hate that opportunity.. cause its unearned bullshit

  • jlnod15

    I own DS1 and 2 on Steam. I am going to get this one too. So the SJW’s can fuck off.

  • This is the problem now. SJWs and feminists have forced and pushed their feminism narrative so over the line that any female lead/protagonist that shows up in a game is immediately bashed as “muh feminism” or “muh diversity”.

    I have to admit that even myself, whenever there’s a female lead in a Western video game, I immediately think that she’s likely there because of the Social Justice cancer that currently plaques the Western society.

    …but you know, I think this is actually a good thing, because it shows that more and more people are becoming alert and aware of the cancer that is feminism being forced into video games. DS3 has fallen victim to it on this occasion, but in my opinion it’s for the greater good. DS3 will recover once people make the point that she was one of the main characters in the first place.

    Being the good guy on the moral high-horse or a fence-sitting Moderate gets nothing done, the past 4-5 years have shown that. Sometimes, you have to be a little crazy and fight fire with fire to win a war. If you don’t do that, SJWs will just walk all over you.

    • …but you know, I think this is actually a good thing, because it shows that more and more people are becoming alert and aware of the cancer that is feminism being forced into video games.

      You’re right that it’s sad that Darksiders 3 will likely be a victim of this BS but it is for the greater good if more normies wake up and smell the SJW bullcrap.

      • Bamf

        Well, the best we can do is not buy it, if it turns out that way. After all, I have only gotten any Darksiders games from the bargain bin 🙂

    • Bamf

      I do believe that people are starting to become more aware. People are still awestruck by the stupidity of people who were upset over Wonder Woman shaving her armpits in the new film.

      • Disqusted

        You never see those people bitching about male wrestlers and swimmers who shave their body hair.

    • LurkerJK

      I’m in two minds about it, its good that there is a pushback, its allowing those hidden and scared of talking out to come out of the closet, but on the other hand sjws pushed that pendulum so far that its hard to imagine how far the other way its going to swing

      i don’t want to go all the way to 100% meat-head space marines, i hope for a middle point with a little balance

      • Phasmatis75

        It’ll probably just lead to an industry collapse (which is underway) and then investors fleeing leaving only developers and people with passion to create again.

        • Bitterbear

          The future of videogames is mobile with Match 3 cancer and Gacha clickers fighters.

          And of course, IAPs everywhere.

          • Phasmatis75

            A lot of experts like to claim that, but they forget that while those are making money the older genres are not dying. Different markets play different games. The old style of games aren’t going to die off until we lose the ability to make them.

          • This is true. Many of these genres have retreated outside the mainstream spectrum but they still exist.

      • In my opinion, an eye for an eye. It’s the only way if you want to even have a chance of ridding this SJW feminist crap.

        Don’t forget that in this situation, it’s always been a case of SJWs being the attackers, and the gamers being the defenders. SJWs are the ones who are in control of mainstream games media and they are the ones who have the influence over developers and publishers.

        As for the pendulum, well it is true that there is a possibility of it going too far the other way, but always remember that the vast majority of gamers are the ones that have the common sense and decency… I’m willing to bet that gamers are more likely to set the pendulum back to the middle than SJWs.

        But you know, all this can actually be easily solved via:

        1) The “muh lack of female protagonist” can be solved via a simple method of giving the players a choice to choose between a male and female character, and having the game accommodate this so that it’s more than just a skin.

        2) Any “offensive” material can also be solved via some kind of “Safe Mode” in a game. Snowflakes, race-baiters and prudes can use the Safe Mode, while the rest of us can enjoy the violence and tits.

        Of course the 2 points above will require extra work from developers, publishers and localizers, but seeing as these companies are ALWAYS wanting to cater to everyone to maximise profits, I’m sure they’ll be happy to do it.

        Unfortunately as we all know, this is something the SJWs and feminists do NOT want, because it means straight male gamers will actually be getting material catered to them. And we all know how that’s automatically “sexism” and “misogyny”. So that route isn’t possible at all given how SJWs and feminists are nothing but authoritarian bigoted self-entitled f**ktards.

    • Gozu Tennoh

      “Sometimes, you have to be a little crazy and fight fire with fire……”

      You’re right there, lad.

      This is the only site/community I’ve encountered since 2011 where I can read an article and then the comments without rolling my eyes (and then having to switch accounts and start trolling everyone).

    • Disqusted

      I’ve been wondering if this was their intention all along. I’m sure there was much less actual misogyny and aversion to female characters before feminists and SJWs reared their ugly heads.

      They’re creating hate towards females by being extremely obnoxious about shoehorning the worst kinds of females into everything. Then they can just ride the negative reactions they created.

      It’s another example of creating a problem and selling the “solution”.

    • Feli Aslan

      I still think that this entire situation is a bad thing, because the whole debate destroyed in my eyes the whole atmosphere of the gaming community. Gamers where in general always socially progressive and liberal people who fought the regressive christian right, it is a shame that SJWs pushed them to the point where they feel suspicious everytime there is a LGBT or female character because Social Justice-Agenda. In the end, the people who are winning are the real bigots out there, who now feel like they have a stage to spread actual sexism and racism for which the gaming community will yet again blamed.

      • Of course it’s a bad thing overall.

        But in a climate where only the loudest and most vocal wins, we need some exaggeration and aggressiveness to really get the point across, to make it clear to SJWs that there are still people like us who are aware of the gender politics. It may (keyword: may) also make developers/publishers think twice before they decide to inject some unattractive and obnoxious I-don’t-need-no-man Mary Sue female character in their games in the future.

        Because if everyone just sat back, accepted it and just said “no that’s not feminism or SJWs, you’re just paranoid” then prepare for every single Western video game to be injected with this garbage, because no-one speaking out against it means it eventually becomes the norm.

        To SJWs, silence is acceptance.

        Being aggressive and attacking back is one of the only ways if you ever want things to change. Remember, I’m NOT advocating for our side to go and shitpost and be edgelords, but instead to use facts, reason and logic in a more aggressive manner rather than the “Moderate” or “good guy” manner.

        • Being aggressive and attacking back is one of the only ways if you ever want things to change. Remember, I’m NOT advocating for our side to go and shitpost and be edgelords, but instead to use facts, reason and logic in a more aggressive manner rather than the “Moderate” or “good guy” manner

          This is the thing that requires such a fine balance, because while I agree with this, the people I see being most aggressive are the people Feli talked about; the people who actually are bigots/racists/misogynists attempting to speak on behalf of anti-SJWs.

          I’m really seeing a rise up in comment sections and general posts across the net from anti-SJW people in very aggressive manners, but sadly it’s literally the people that SJWs actually complain about. Rarely will I find someone who actually articulates the point properly and explains what the actual problem is, usually it’s the scholarly type or people who have a sound understanding of the social sciences (and not the BS kind).

          But man oh man is there a lot of cringe from the edgelord spergs saying some stupid-arse bullsh*t that literally ends up pushing the normies into the SJW camp.

        • Feli Aslan

          I don’t say you are wrong. But in the end, a victory will mean nothing if the Anti-SJW side turns into a mirror of the monster they are fighting. And I may sound triggered and special snowflake, but as a transsexual who believes that there are only two genders and that the whole non-binary stuff is only made up by straight cissy to play the minority card, sometimes it feels like our side shifts into the other extreme. I love shitposting and memeing like every other sane person, but I think it is also very important to point out that our side isn’t in any way against diversity in video games. Video Games should something that people from every culture, every sexual identity and every gender can enjoy and that offers something for everyone. My biggest problem with SJW-writing and SJW-storytelling, besides my different opinion on politics, is their lack in quality in writing or characterdesigne as well as misusing concepts I would love to see in video games for their virtue signaling, giving non-white, non-heterosexual or female characters a bad image by flooding the market with bad or forced characters of that kind, which gives these character- or storyconcepts a bad image and connects them to low quality or ridicules them. Like, I don’t know which kind of tranny actually is happy about the kind of representation SJWs gave us with these characters in Mass Effect or Baldur’s Gates, whose only essence was to say “Oh hey! I’m trans! isn’t it great of trans I am! My creators are so progressive! By the way, I’m trans!”, which makes basically nothing but a living joke out of people like me. I think other groups who are so generously represented by SJWs feel the same, prefering less representation that rather leaves a positive impact or that is cool. Like, really, the only good transsexual character I could think of is Poison who is a sexy chick who happened to be a guy in her past and I’m really sure SJWs hate her für being so oversexualized, while für me, this is what makes me love her, that she is such a beautiful and cool character.

          So, I think we should point out that the gaming community doesn’t has and never had a problem with characters they consider as diversed. We simply hate the forceful, bad and self-serving way they implement them into games. We should point to the japanese market and the deeply with the Gamer-Community connected Manga-Community, where we have all of this stuff long before it became cool and never took an issue with it. The problem is their own cultural-marxism, egocentrism and incompetence, nothing else. Nobody took issue with Poison, nobody took issue with gay romance in Fire Emblem, nobody takes issue with the loads and loads of Gay Romance Games from japan, nobody took issue in Dark Sun Gwyndolin. Nearly nobody took issue in gay options in old Bioware outside of Dragon Age 2 where the issue was more that you got confessed by Anders all the time, no matter what you did.

  • Jeff

    I really wanted DS3 to continue from where DS1 left off when the seal was broken and end as a kick-ass trilogy.
    The issues that bother me here is that, from the 2 minutes of the trailer that I saw, I just saw some flashy shit and no soul for the game like the previous 2 (esp the 2nd game).
    Now this looks like they are gonna milk the franchise for a little more or something.

    • I really wanted DS3 to continue from where DS1 left off when the seal was broken and end as a kick-ass trilogy.

      That’s still possible. Remember Death’s story kind of took him across time and different dimensions, so the same could apply to Fury. She might start with the Seven Deadly Sins and then circle back around to the events that transpired in War’s story. They’re also likely going to leave room so Strife gets an opportunity to play some role in the final crux of the story as well.

      • MONAD

        I really want a Quadrilogy, but I highly doubt that’s going to happen. THQ created some awesome lore with the story so far. III might just be the swansong of the series.

  • Migi

    I wasn’t all that suprised with a female lead, Considering i played the first 2 games and was expecting this. I do have to say, it’s sure gonna be fun watching this explode.

  • Brad Donald

    I expect the SJWS to be upset when they realize the female lead is a representation of FAMINE or PESTILENCE and how dare they make a women be those things. “women suffer from eating disorders so this is misogyny””are you saying women cause diseases like STDs” etc. expect at least a few SJW to run with this.

    • Grahav

      That is why the producers launched a comic before that, changing the problematic horsemen into cool edgy sue horsemen.

      Fury and Strife are just war 63.

      • Brad Donald

        Hey dumb ass You can see FURY in the first game as one of the four horsemen. Lie better.

        • Grahav

          You are right. I should have done my research better.

          Comic or first game the point is still valid. Even with all the glamour given to vampires (death, disease, rape), demons (evil) and other bringers of misery, it would be difficult to do it to Famine and Pestilence as you said. So butcher the original source (Bible) and outright give them names that you are cool.

          Of course if the producers had done a better research as I should had done they would have known that the other two are Famine and Conquest.