Darksiders 3 Trailer Sadly Falls Victim To Arguments Over Identity Politics
Darksiders 3

Identity politics have invaded every aspect of our culture, especially entertainment culture. It’s impossible to go anywhere without it being subject matter that pervades the space of discussion, or the topic of interest amongst some. And as a perfect example of this, THQ Nordic’s recently announced Darksiders 3 has also preemptively fallen victim to the identity politics debate, despite the fact that the game has only been announced and we still don’t know much about it.

Slashgear spotted the images from over on Amazon, which has a placeholder date of December 31st, 2018. This was followed up with a near two-minute video that IGN managed to get their hands on, which you can check out below.

Gunfire Games is now at the helm of development, which consists of some of the alumni from Vigil Games. The story follows Fury during War’s trial at the start of Darksiders 1, where she must take down the seven deadly sins while War was doing his own thing of trying to clear his name.

Now Fury is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse in the realm of Darksiders. Her and Strife replace the traditional horsemen in theology known as Pestilence and Famine, as indicated on the comic book wiki page. So, in essence, Fury being the lead for THQ Nordic’s Darksiders 3 wasn’t pandering… she’s always been part of the lore. And since they completed War and Death’s stories in Darksiders 1 and Darksiders 2, the natural progression of the lore would mean that Fury and Strife would be next.

Unfortunately, people not familiar with the comic series would likely assume that this is another AAA industry pro-pandering move to replace a lead character with a female. Even though this is actually just the continuation of the story from the first two Darksiders games. The final game in the series (assuming Darksiders 3 does well in sales) would follow Strife and whatever he was up to while the other three were busy during the Apocalypse.

Yet the comment section on the YouTube video for Darksiders 3 quickly devolved into debates about millennials, feminism, female characters and identity politics. White knights led the charge trying to look chivalrous against an army of strawmen.

So this is what the gaming landscape has become.

Third-wave feminists, rapist white knights, and pliable millennials have jumped on board this politically correct, identity politics train and rode it so hard that now every single game with a female lead is likely going to undergo undue scrutiny because the SJWs have done nothing but ruin video games.

Sadly, this even overtook a celebration thread on GameFaqs about Darksiders 3 being announced, which then devolved into more debates about identity politics.

Well, I hope SJWs are happy now. They’ve forced this issue so far down the throats of everyone that now even normies feel as if it’s a trend pointing toward SJWism when a female lead pops up in a game based on a series where she was already one of the lead characters.

It’s become such a toxic minefield — filled with Bouncing Betty invectives and Claymore criticisms — that now movies like Wonder Woman and games like Darksiders 3 are at risk of being ignored or skipped over because some people will instantly feel as if they’re part of the SJW propaganda machine.

It’s funny because before identity politics and SJWs took over the entertainment field, there were a lot of people actually excited about Fury being in a Darksiders game, as evident with a thread from Gamefaqs back in 2013. This was just before things devolved into the sad, sorry state that it’s currently in.

A lot of SJWs like to point and laugh whenever people get angry about identity politics popping up in popular media, but they’re the ones who brought the chicken to the dog fight. Of course people are going to be angry.

It’s a real shame, because the Darksiders games have been good comic book-style action-RPG fanfare. Now this isn’t to say that the new developers behind the helm won’t go full SJW, but right now all we know is that they’re following the story already laid out by the comic books and novels. I do wonder what the rest of the developers from Vigil think about all of this? Some of them are now busy working on Battle Chasers for the Nintendo Switch and other platforms, so they probably haven’t paid much attention to the news.

Anyway, you can look for Darksiders 3 to launch in 2018.


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