Expeditions Viking Cheats Give You Infinite Exp, Super Stats
Expeditions Viking
(Last Updated On: May 3, 2017)

Logic Artists’ Expeditions: Viking is tearing it up on the Steam charts, and the strategy game has proven to be a rather challenging game for strategy fans. For gamers who need a bit of help in the form of cheats to aim them in their raiding, pillaging and trading, don’t worry… we got you covered.

A new cheat trainer is available right now for Expeditions: Viking, and you can grab it from over on the Mr. Antifun download page.

The cheat trainer consists of seven different cheats you can use in the strategy game. The cheats are listed below:

  • Inf.Exp Points
  • Super Stats
  • Inf.Morales
  • Inf.Resources
  • Reset Selected Character Health
  • Reset Selected Character Movement
  • Reset Selected Character Attack

The infinite experience points means you can quickly level up your Viking chieftain instead of manually leveling them up by completing tasks and venturing throughout the land. The super stats means you can deck out your crew without having to level up, and the infinite morale and resources will make the game a heck of a lot easier to venture about without worrying about your fellow tribesmen becoming fatigued or low in spirits.

There are a few rules before you can just whip open the trainer and have a field day cheating. You’ll need to first open the character and skills menu when you’re in the game and then activate the experience points cheat, the super stats cheat or the morale cheat.

Before you activate the resource cheat, be sure to first enter into a house, activate the resource cheat and then exit the house and enter into another house to get the cheat to begin to work.

For the reset character cheats, you’ll need to first enter into battle and then activate those cheats after selecting a character.

You can also use the attack reset cheat to get an extra attack turn during battle.

A lot of people seem to enjoy Expeditions: Viking, for the most part. So if you’re into games where you travel and trade, battle and explore, it might be something worth checking out. It reminds me of a 3D and less story-oriented version of The Banner Saga.

You can grab the cheat trainer right now or learn more about the game, if you haven’t already picked up a copy, by visiting the Steam store.

(Main image courtesy of Feoklos)

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