Famous Comic Book Characters That Inspired Games
justice league

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Do you like gaming? Of course, you love them otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this. Now we have something special for you. Many games are based on comic books, and characters play a major role here. They are known as superheroes, and they inspire developers to make bold moves and create online casino slots with bonuses dedicated to them. Inspire by this thought here is the list of most famous characters used in video games.


The first Batman gameplay that came to the screen in 1986 was a great success, but it was not available for players in Europe. We can say that Batman was responsible for other titles. The Batman: Dark Tomorrow that came out in 2003 was the one that actually inspired by the comic book. All the characters were inspired by the comic book. Even though it was a failure according to gamers, Batman stays memorable thanks to high quality outings like Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series.

Justice League

Originally created by the DC Comics, the Justice League characters inspired the developers to create the game with the same title. The original team of superheroes consisted of:

•    Batman

  • The Flash

•    Aquaman

•    Green Lantern

•    Superman

•    Martian Manhunter

•    Wonder Woman

All characters are available to play in the game, but some of them you need to unlock.


We have another character that comes from DC Comics, and he is now alone and not a part of Justice League. There aren’t many games based on this amazing character, and the few that are out there aren’t the most memorable, including the highly ridiculed N64 game. The man with the cape, and maybe too much hair gel, is  still one of the most popular characters out there.


The Spiderman has a long history. You have to admit that Spiderman is a great material. They have made some awful video games based on this character, but there have also been a few gems on the PlayStation  and PlayStation 2. But as the time goes by we may expect better things to come.


A simple scientist who transforms into a green looking manly beast was an inspiration for the game: The Incredible Hulk. They manage to make a good looking character with incredible strength throwing objects and running around. Edge of Reality and Amaze Entertainment created something that they can be proud of.

Asterix & Obelix

Chubby Obelix and Asterix are the next titles on our list. The game that was inspired was first announced in early 1986. Based on the original comic book it makes the interesting game to try even now.


If it happens that you even didn’t know that these blue looking people have their own game, then you can join the club. You saw the cartoon but not the game, and even better it is based on the comic book. The simple good looking character goes through the village and gathers collectibles.

captain america

Captain America

Captain America: The Doom Tube of Dr. Megaloman is a game that first had the courage to build a game with this amazing character. The first appearance of the Captain America in the video game world was here, and it was long ago, all the way back to 1987.


X-men originally came to us as an arcade game back in the 90’s. The characters are inspired by the comic book and manage to successfully transfer look and feel of the comic book. Since then, the X-Men have had a rocky time in gaming, with some decent and not-so-decent entries over the years.

 Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Adventures game is inspired by the comic book character named Goku. He is the main character in the manga comics, and he is also the main hero here. The Dragon Ball Z cartoon spawned lots of games, however, and variations of the series continue to be developed to this day.


He will punish anyone that stands in the way. A really intense activity with the main character named Punisher was inspired by original title comic book. The comic book was so great, and the game follows that great script along with the character.


We have another hero that is all about action. High Moon Studios decided to give us action hero that is based on the Marvel Comics story. The interesting thing is that Dead Pool was written by the Daniel Way, former comic writer. The movie had better reviews than the game.


Injustice Gods among us like the justice league has many heroes. Like Superman, The Flash, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Green Arrow and much more. The classic one was based on Marvel characters that are fighting each other in the arena.

Every character ever made in comics has some superpowers and that makes a great material for our entertainment. It doesn’t matter if a hero has super strength or super speed, even the flying is included. Just imagine what you can create with characters with great powers. The success of the story depends on the game and how well it is designed. The heroes are now everywhere, not just in games, but on movies, shirts and so on. We can say that Marvel, and DC Comics have implemented the idea, and they are expanding even more. What is your favorite character and what power do you want to have?


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