Far Cry 5 Trailers Reveal How A Religious Civil War Gets Underway
Far Cry 5
(Last Updated On: May 26, 2017)

Ubisoft finally launched the official trailer for Far Cry 5, and they’ve detailed how the religious kooks of Hope County have turned it into a town that flagellates sinners in a variety of unbecoming ways. The game is due for release on February 27th, 2018 next year.

The trailer starts with the Hope County board spray-painted with “Welcome to Sinner County” and we see a shirtless hillbilly with a bible in the middle of the road proselytizing.

We get clips of a woman begging for her life not to be baptized, and another man being dragged into a barn before the voice-over lets us know that something’s coming. The first few seconds is basically like Deliverance meets The Path. You can check it out below.

The trailer features lots of action, shooting, explosions and a cast of characters that players will encounter throughout their journey.

We find out that there is a Jim Jones type leading the doomsday Christian cult, and they’re recruiting people to the cause whether they like it or not. We see the forced baptism and some being held by gunpoint to join.

Far Cry 5 - Pastor Jerome Jeffries

The vehicles and weapons are also strictly centered around what you would find in the Northwestern territories, which means plenty of shotguns and hunting rifles, with a solid mixture of American made assault rifles.

A second trailer highlights a rival Baptist-style sect led by Pastor Jerome Jeffries, who is some sort of vigilante pastor. You can check out his vignette below.

The next trailer centers around a character named Mary May. She’s a bartender who works in Hope County. Mary’s brother and mother were taken by the cultists.

The last trailer focuses on Nick Rye, a pilot who lives in Hope County. He’s the son of war veterans. He hates the Christian cultists and outfits his plane with some mean American firepower in order to blast the living crap out of them.

The final promo piece that Ubisoft released was an interview with some of the designers of Far Cry 5, where they explain how when they went to Montana to do research they said it felt like the old frontier, and how there was an anti-government vibe and how it felt like they were autonomous away from the rest of society. So in a way, that explains why they’re cut off from things like the National Guard or police forces.

Eden’s Gate is the name of the cult, and they believe the end times is upon us, so they start recruiting people to repent for their sins, whether it be by choice or by force. Obviously, not all of the residents there are happy about it and have decided to fight back, all while the Eden Gate cult grows in numbers, thus creating a bit of a religious civil war.

If it’s handled well then it could end up being a pretty cool first-person shooter. The setting at least looks unique, but a lot of it will boil down to the meta game and mechanical loops. Ubisoft has a habit of using some of the most stale loops imaginable and then expanding them up to 20 or 30 hours. So we’ll see if they can dig themselves out of that hole come February 27th, 2018.

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  • epy

    Seriously don’t like some people getting outraged over this game. If it ends up being SJW propaganda before being a good game, it will flop anyways.

    • I wonder what Ubisoft thinks about managing to enrage, infuriate, excite, and mobilize both the Right and the Left?

      Their game is being used as political ammunition for both sides even though Ubisoft says that it’s apolitical. Hilarious.

      • epy

        They’re probably pretty pleased about it.

  • Ghost

    Should have been set in Africa or the middle East.

    • Far Cry 2 was already in Africa.

  • Disqusted

    Skimmed through the non-character videos, didn’t see any character creation stuff. What kind of characters can you create?

    Still not really interested because I’m sick to death of FPS games, but it does look pretty nice, visually.

  • Bamf

    This cult sounds more like an angry group of protestors 🙂

  • Horrorstorm

    I think it looks quite promising. I would never expect a public entity comprised of left wing beta males that is easy to retaliate against to put themselves in great danger by creating an accurate depiction of a real world death cult like the “religion of peace”. They chose a safe option with a Christian cult, but it still has the makings of an interesting game overall.

    If they can put together a solid game with an at least tolerable story and resist the urge to take potshots at white men to appease worthless subhuman SJWs, then this will likely be a buy for me.

    Character creation is cool as well. I just hope they leave out the fucking radio towers and malaria.

  • tajlund

    Okay, I’ve been reading a bit on this on other sites. The designers said they were specifically avoiding any current political controversies and are aiming for a apolitical game.
    However, the SJW’s are going apeshit over this game on every site. The comments of RPS and PC Gamer are filled with angry SJW’s pushing their own dementia onto the game. (Also one of the article writers who claims he’s from MT is furious that the game is avoiding politics because he desperately wants to kill Republicans.)
    The main thing pissing me off is that I live in MT and if you read the comments sections every POS SJW is just basically nodding their heads going “Yes, that’s exactly what MT people are like.” Which is BS of course especially since we have a number places in the state that are as “progressive” as anything you’d find in urban CA.

    One SJW did bring up an interesting point though. Where the hell are the Crow and other tribes? The areas portrayed in the game are right next to reservations and yet there is no representation of any natives, in fact the designers basically admitted it and then dodged the question in one article.

    I do like that Ubisoft is finally letting you create your own main character though.

    • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

      “The designers said they were specifically avoiding any current political controversies and are aiming for a apolitical game.”

      And yet they make a realistic game where christians are the bad guys. Yeeeeeeeah: so apolitical.

      • Fear Me I Am Free

        It can be done. Just because someone makes a game where a group is the bad guys, doesn’t mean they are trying to shit on that certain group.

        • Mr.Towel

          Can be done. The Russians know that very well. Makes sense for the setting too, since its rural america.

          But there is no denying it feels very self-serving for a bunch hipsters devs. Not saying the game can’t be good, it can, but we can easily see where they are coming from.

          Now we can only hope there is not many snarky political remarks in the game, that they will honor their promise of being apolitical. Which I know is a hard sweating task for a SJW.

      • Pratim Gupta

        We have Neanderthal,Pirates,Africans,Dragons etc.. so why not Christians

    • Fear Me I Am Free

      > The designers said they were specifically avoiding any current political controversies and are aiming for a apolitical game.

      That’s good to hear.

    • LurkerJK

      I do like that Ubisoft is finally letting you create your own main character though.

      All Far cry protagonists (other than blood dragon) have been so bland and forgettable they might as well let you design your own carton cutout

      who cares anyway, you never see your character in the franchise, you are just choosing the voice that says “eeeew” when you disembowel a bear

      • Disqusted

        Or grunts when removing body-piercing debris and realigning limbs broken by drowning in a lake.

        • Pratim Gupta

          Bitten by shark, remove bullet from arm to heal – Far Cry 3 logic

    • Gaijin-

      I would venture that the tribes be included in future DLC. It would fit UBI’s modus operandi.

  • Gozu Tennoh

    All the other farcry games were shit so why would this be any different? Its an ubisoft game, thats all they can make.

    Unless I’m missing something?

  • Mr.Towel

    Color me surprised, if these guys are the protagonists they don’t seem to be tumblrites, so far. They’re not going so cheap on this one.

  • i have to say the game looks pretty interesting, if worked properly can actually be pretty good.
    it’s important to remember it’s a game that is a UPCOMING, and starting shit over stuff you’re not even sure about yet isn’t far from what any SJW crazy does

  • anopolis

    I don’t like it….maybe im suspicious of them..but WHITE RELIGIOUS people are the bad guy!!!…i dunno…seems stupid..unless they’re muslims..and how much you wanna bet they aren’t?…of course they aren’t…weak tea man..easy popular target which isn’t really all that accurate. ..i may be in the midst of a great big ole fuck you ubisoft.

    • but WHITE RELIGIOUS people are the bad guy!!!

      Baptist dude is killing people, too, and he’s black. It’s a factional thing. It seems as if players will have choices on who they team up with, so I would reserve judgment until we see more how the choices play out and what the interaction and gameplay is like.

      • Grahav

        It is just a token black to show that christianity is evil and corrupts all races.

        Can’t have black uncle toms acting taking the white devil religion.

        • Disqusted

          They could have just made up a religion, really. Pretty sure there are already plenty of fictional religions in horror games and stuff.

    • Grey

      Might be beside the point, but I’m fairly sure at one point in the trailer you see a generic thug cult member who is black.

      • anopolis

        I did notice that…i like black cult members…but im pretty sure …i might be wrong..but im pretty sure, they’re going to be typical ultra-nationalist right-wing “baptists” who hate the government and wanna just be assholes…westboro comes to mind. I bet they even throw in some ” homosexual bashing” for good measure. so black white…doesn’t really matter. its easy ass target that bugs me, It’s lazy.

    • JeremyC9

      So that seems stupid, but you think if the white people were Muslim, that would be less stupid somehow?

      • anopolis

        because I know without doubt they’re not, because NOBODY ever touches them. It would then be DARING as all hell…but pick on “christian” cults?? its weak tea, everybody does it. name a recent movie where the religious guy wasn’t a douche or evil. I hate using this word but, its a trope. thats why.

        • Recently we haven’t had mid-east/Muslim/Arab villains portrayed as just downright nasty, but to be fair… between 2002 through 2012 they were the go-to villains in most action games set in the modern day.

          • anopolis

            well…ya know…they kinda asked for it. I’d say right after 2001, I dunno sept time frame they pretty much lost any right to ever not be a bad guy. and they’ve been earning that ever since. the last crazy white guy was who? timothy mcvey? …thats been a minute…and everyone agrees that dude was koo koo for the puffs. noone defended him, noone remained silent..he was nuts.

          • the last crazy white guy was who? timothy mcvey?

            Ehh, we’ve had small incidents since then by various Americans: white black, etc., Nothing on the scale of the Oklahoma City bombing or 9/11, but plenty of shootings and small scale domestic terrorism, either from small fringe militiamen or soldiers suffering PTSD.

            I dunno sept time frame they pretty much lost any right to ever not be a bad guy.

            Ehh, I don’t know. People also hold that view on Germans as well due to World War II, and it just feels like it creates more antagonism when the view is that certain groups of people must always be bad.

            I mean, Russia’s still involved with some BS in Ukraine, and had some pretty atrocious and heinous crimes to their names throughout history across multiple wars. I wouldn’t instantly say that due to ongoing issues and their past they must always be bad.

            But a lot of it boils down to nuance and context.

          • anopolis

            ok…i’ll take your comments and reciprocate…yea yea, small incidents don’t count man…theres a loony around every corner these days..billions of people..ya know?…germans…still the bad guy I say!..look at em now days..the country is going to pot and they allow it..bad guys…Russia??..yeah..but they’re a bunch of dirty commies backed into a corner where they can’t make any money led by a commie lunatic…I understand them at least..i guess maybe i’m an ultra nationalist..cause if you aint AMERICAN..then fuck you.