Far Space, Space VR Game Set To Hit Steam May 5th

A new game that’s set to release on May 5th, entitled Far Space, will let players explore space and a space station with or without a VR headset. The first-person adventure game sees players choosing their own paths through dire situations set in a sci-fi setting. The game itself is set to release for PC via Steam Early Access on May 5th.

Publisher and developer Alexey Glinskiy or Gearguns will release Far Space on May 5th for PC via Steam Early Access. The game is an adventure at heart, but is said by the dev to feature elements of a shooter throughout movie-like scenes. In other words, choices and multiple routes will be available for player consumption exploration and emergent gameplay, which is explained in the game’s description.

“You can play it even without any VR gear! Choose your fate, shoot enemies, learn the story of Far Space. The main character is to go through not only all the dangers of deep space, but also survive in the hostile environment where everyone can turn out to be an enemy.”

As seen above, multiple choices are displayed during dire events that obviously shape the story going forward. I’m not sure how this game will turn out when it release to the public, however more than a glimpse of gameplay can be caught below thanks to the official trailer.

The game doesn’t look all that great, but at the same time for an indieĀ  VR game it doesn’t seem to be all that bad compared to other recent indie VR titles. I do like that it features multiple choices, but only time will tell how each route plays out and how well put together the overall game is on May 5th.

More information detailing the developer and the soon to release space-adventure game, Far Space, can be found by heading over to gearguns.com.


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