Flash Point: Fire Rescue Lands On Steam Greenlight

Based on the popular board game Flash Point: Fire Rescue, indie developers RetroEpic Software just published a video game adaptation with the same name as the board game on Steam Greenlight, which is set to release for PC sometime this September.

If you find firefighters to be something of interest or if you like the board game of Flash Point: Fire Rescue, there is good news in that RetroEpic Software has a 3D top-down strategy version of said game that is now on Steam Greenlight.

Players will take charge of a group of firefighters in an attempt to rescue people and animals from danger and explosive situations. Just like the cooperative board game, the 3D adaption sees both a single-player and multiplayer experience for those who like solo runs or some friendly help.

The official description explaining the game sits below.

“Take charge of a team of firefighters in the digital version of the acclaimed thematic cooperative board game, Flash Point: Fire Rescue.


Command your highly trained squad through the hazards of a structural fire in this turn based strategy game to rescue the helpless survivors trapped inside.”

Almost like the real job of a firefighter, every single life matters and your primary goal is to find and retrieve any living being stranded in a burning building. This can be achieved by having a structured plan, which involves guiding a team to identify survivors, extinguishing fires for an escape route, and escorting survivors to safety.

Moreover, each mission will pose a greater challenge in that fires will continue to spread as your team moves through a structure, any ember or flame left unchecked will result in the building beginning to crumble apart, so it’s best to stay up on any potential threat during a rescue mission.

Below lies the first official trailer showing the game in action, which comes in by RetroEpic Software‘s YouTube channel.

Flash Point: Fire Rescue is currently up on Steam Greenlight if you want to vote for the strategy firefighter game. If you want to learn more about this game you can head on over to retroepic.com.

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