Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China Officially Launches In 13 Languages On Steam
Flying Tigers Shadows over China

Ace Maddox announced that Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China has officially launched on Steam in 13 different languages, covering all the basic ones and even a few of the ones that come from countries with a GDP so low that it makes you wonder why they would even get games ported to their region in the first place.

Anyway, Flying Tigers is a historical flight simulator based on the secret missions of American pilots and their campaign in Southeast Asia during World War II.

Flying Tigers originally made its debut through Steam Early Access in order for Ace to fix up the title and bring it up to par for a final release.

The game sports both single and multiplayer gameplay options, and offers players a visually striking take on a rarely depicted segment of the World War II aerial efforts. Players will have more than 20 different planes to fly across both Allied and Japanese aeronautics, along with missions from a campaign mode that spans the American Volunteer Group operations, bombing runs, gunner missions, reconnaissance, torpedo strikes and night missions.

You can get a glimpse at how the game plays out and what some of the dogfighting combat looks like with the launch trailer below.

They also launched a Digital Deluxe Edition of the game, which comes with the Paradise Island DLC and includes the Phi Phi Islands dogfight campaign and a multiplayer map that can be played with up to 16 players in PvP combat. The DLC also comes with the Japanese A6M2-N “Rufe” and the US Navy SC-1 “Seahawk”, along with the original soundtrack that was composed for Flying Tigers.

One big thing they keep repeating throughout the promotion of the game is that it’s a pay-once-to-own game. There are no free-to-play style microtransactions, and I can only assume this means that there’s no in-game cash shop.

They also make it known that this is one of the few games that focuses on the far South Pacific China-Burma missions from World War II that were rarely covered in other games.

Feedback on the title is mostly positive from a gameplay and performance point of view. There are some negative reviews sprinkled throughout about the game not properly holding frames or some issues causing frame-drops down into the 20fps territory, but those are far and few between. Definitely look over the system specs before diving in if you do choose to pick up a copy of Flying Tigers.

The game is available right now on the Steam store for $14.99, but you can get it at a 10% discount during the first week of availability for only $11.99.


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