GameMaker Studio 2 Updated With New Image Tools, Visual Studio 2017 Support
GameMaker Studio 2

Yoyo Games announced that they’ve recently updated Gamemaker Studio 2 to version 2.06. They’re calling it a hotfix update, but it adds more than just some standard fixes and bug squashes.

According to the press release, the update includes improved image editing tools for those who want better ways to create or edit images within the game creation suite.

They also added support for Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2017, which was one of the top requested features from the community for Gamemaker Studio 2.

According to Mike Daily, head of engineering at YoYo Games, he commented about the update, saying…

“YoYo Games prides itself in its ability to engage with GameMaker Studio community feedback and make the adjustments they want the most,”“If taking strides to streamline our toolsets means developers can more easily create video games, then we’re all for it – the more games the merrier.”

They also made some tweaks to the UI for the Resource Tree, making it as smooth as possible for navigation purposes.

The Gamemaker Studio 2 utility launched on Steam back on March 8th two months ago (my how time flies). The software utility received a lot of praise for its ease of use, and the ability to quickly and efficiently put together games using drag and drop features, as well as integrated programming language support. It’s a little bit like the RPG Maker series but you can make more than just RPGs.

Potential game makers can use the GUI setup to quickly plot out their game’s workflow chart using resizable and movable windows, as well as a pipeline that favors the ability to code and design your game’s functions and mechanics while you setup and put together the art assets. It’s exceptionally intuitive.

If you already own Gamemaker Studio 2, update 2.06 is available right now, and they plan on continuing to release more updates for the game creation suite following curated feedback from users.


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