Girls On Tanks Preregistration Bonus Features 200 Free Crystals For 18+ Strategy Game
Girls on Tanks

Nutaku doesn’t seem to take breaks when it comes to pumping out new games and getting gamers excited about new products. Their latest addition to their line-up includes the upcoming release of Girls on Tanks, a crowd-funded game from the adult-themed platform Kimochi Red Light.

The upcoming title’s preregistration phase is available right now for Mutant Games’ Girls on Tanks, and anyone who signs up will receive 200 free crystals.

The game is a turn-based strategy game set in a world where a devastating Heartland War has ripped and ravaged the land to pieces and has left the globe in perpetual conflict. The game centers around four remaining factions who decide to fight over super powerful crystals that can be used to create an indestructible army. Each group wants to get their hands on the crystals in order to build a super weapon, and one group in particular, the Winter’s Blood, must be stopped before they can use the crystals to create their ultimate weapon, which would ravage the world even more.

It’s up to players to build up their army and head into battle, using various units to attack enemy battalions and weaken their forces. The gameplay is very similar to Advanced Wars, so anyone who is familiar with that series will likely be right at home with Girls on Tanks. Players will be able to move their units across squares on the ground to position them in battle, and then unleash attacks on enemies within range.

There are 14 different unique unit types, 80 different levels and five territories to play through in the story mode, along with a multiplayer PvE Faction War mode for online play.

The major difference, of course, is that there are interactive H-scenes present in this particular turn-based game. Players will have quite a bit of control in how they pleasure some of the girls in the game.

You can preregister right now ahead of the game’s official release by visiting the official Girls on Tanks Nutaku page. The game is obviously not safe for work and is designed specifically for those 18 years of age or older.


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