Gundam Versus New Trailer Explores Different Game Modes

The latest Gundam Versus trailer stands to be an overview of what seems to be a majority of the Gundam fighting game’s modes that players can explore. The new trailer runs through the new modes, stages and playable characters in the upcoming game that is set to release on June 6th in Japan, and sometime this Fall in the West.

You know me, I’m a huge fan of Gundam or mecha games and to see that the game is shaping up to release sometime soon excites me all the more, and I’m sure fellow fans of the series too. Well, with that said, a new trailer is out to stir up excitement among fans showing game modes that will be in Gundam Versus and how each mode plays out.

The seven minute video starts off exploring the Tutorial mode that allows players to practice and train with a specific mecha, which in turn is used to get better at the game by learning the basics.

The video also explores other game modes like Free Battle, Trial Battle, Ultimate Battle, Extra Wave, Casual Match, Player Match and an upcoming July mode called Ranked Match. I’m sure the full release of the game will feature much more, but as of now you can check out what is present or visible for fans and gamers alike to view.

The video below comes in by Bandai Namco’s 876TV channel and runs for seven minutes and 13 seconds.

Lastly, the game is set to feature 2 Vs. 2 and 3 Vs. 3 team battles, and well over 90 playable mecha from across the works of 17 different games and shows of Gundam. I’m sure not everyone’s favorite Gundam or mecha made it into the game, but with over 90 playable characters seems like enough to please both newcomers and veterans of the series.

Gundam Versus is set to release for PS4 on July 6th in Japan, and sometime this Fall in the West.


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