Imzy, Internet Safe Space Is Shutting Down On June 23rd
(Last Updated On: May 24, 2017)

Imzy was supposed to be the successor to sites like Reddit or Tumblr, giving users a new kind of “safe space” social media network to use for sharing information, media and other content with a global audience. Well, after two years of operation, Imzy is shutting.

Starting June 23rd Imzy will be no more. In a message sent out by the CEO, Dan McComas. He explained that the social media network designed to be “safer” and more accommodating to netizens would be shutting its doors, writing…

“ Unfortunately, we were not able to find our place in the market. We still feel that the internet deserves better and hope that we see more teams take on this challenge in the future.


“Our final day of operation will be June 23rd. We want to give you time to gather any content you’ve made and exchange contact information with friends. If you have a new home for your community, I recommend creating a pinned post directing members there. “

The message also states that users concerned about their data can retrieve it before Imzy goes down for good in June.

Back in 2016 Re/Code did an article outlining how various ex-Reddit employees, led by Dan McComas and Victoria Taylor, came together to design Imzy to foster communities in a safe space that would supposedly limit the spread of the “terribleness” of the internet hate machine. McComas explained to Re/Code…

“What if someone tried building a community platform from day one? Is the terribleness just an inherent part of the internet [or] can communities be made online in a healthy way?” It might not work out, but I hope it does.”

Well, it didn’t work out.

We previously covered Imzy before, including instances involving the Imzy community censoring the spread of the Crash Override Network leaks because they called such information “harassment”. And they also censored a post about Final Fantasy XV because it was critical of SJWs.

Imzy had picked up a reputation as being a “safe space” on the internet, so various kinds of topics or criticisms would likely get removed.

It appears as if that kind of model just wasn’t profitable nor sustainable.

You’ll have up until June 21st to retrieve your data from Imzy before the entire site goes dark on June 23rd.

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  • MusouTensei

    And nothing of value was lost.

  • LurkerJK

    Unfortunately, we were not able to find our place in the market.

    if that doesn’t give you a hint i don’t know what would, there is no “challenge”, you are trying to fix an nonexistent problem created by a handful of professional victims who will always find something to be distressed about, even if they have to make it up and the one thing they do NOT want is for those alleged “problems” to be fixed

    • I’m curious where all those millions of dollars went for the start-up? Imzy wasn’t particularly flashy.

  • Disqusted

    I don’t get it. Reddit and Tumblr are already SJW safe space havens. How can they compete by offering the same shit? That’s probably why they failed.

    Typical SJW mindset to believe the world is a backwards regressive place that only they can introduce “new” “progressiveness”.

  • Alistair

    At least the CEO going down fighting, as in the “internet deserves better”

  • lucben999

    Not surprising. SJWs don’t want their own private space, they want to censor public spaces.

  • Bitterbear

    On the other side of the spectrum. Voat is croaking too. The difference is that Imzy is shutting down due to lack of support from SJWs, while Voat is going dark because SJWs successfully managed to destroy ways to support the site.

    • Disqusted

      I saw a ton of mainstream FAKE NEWS articles ecstatically celebrating Voat’s demise, calling it a cesspool of the right and bullshit like that.

      I went there and saw people trolling and being mean, but that’s to be expected. I prefer people being polite, but I don’t see a problem with people being rude if nobody’s taking offense. Society leaning towards everyone taking offense at everything is definitely the wrong way to go.

      • Bitterbear

        The demise of these two reminds me the end scene in Demolition Man where Stallone tells the SJW leaders that they have to get a bit dirty, and then he faced the filthy Libertarian rebel leader that he had to get a lot cleaner, and somehow the two will find a point in the middle where things might work out in the end.

        • It’s crazy how on point that movie was about the ridiculousness of SJW culture.

          • Daniel Ream

            A million years ago, WIRED magazine used to run an annual “‘which SF movie best predicted the future?” feature. They stopped because Demolition Man kpet winning.

            The ironic thing is that San Angeles was conceived by taking every current social control issue and exaggerating it to its absurd apotheosis – except we’ve reached those levels of absurdity in real life, and beyond.

  • Grey

    Guess it as a space safe from success.