Inside #GamerGate Wants To Offer A Gonzo Social History Of The Event

James Desborough from Andover, U.K., wants to do something bold: he wants to contribute to history to thwart the ideological narrative that has tainted the historical view of #GamerGate. He wants to correct the record by actually covering the facts and giving people his take on the event that started in 2014 based on the actual available data, as opposed to the anecdotal distortions that have found their way into the Wikipedia pages and Rational Wiki entries.

Desborough’s recount of #GamerGate will require some funding, though. He plans on putting out an ebook for people to read as a counter to all of the slanted stories, videos, media and books currently out there told from the perspective of anti-#GamerGate individuals who were either trying to protect the status quo of corruption, or were trying to profit from their own self-interests.

Desborough has a nine minute pitch video over on the IndieGoGo page, where he talks up the topics he plans to cover and how he plans to cover them.

The one thing that really disturbed him was how the historical record of #GamerGate, right now, is all centered around the anti-#GamerGate narrative; that narrative being that #GamerGate is little more than a sexist harassment campaign by young white males to push women out of gaming, get President Trump elected, and send rape and death threats to female game developers.

The absurdity of the narrative should sound alarm bells but a lot of the normies and casuals out there have taken the information at face value thanks to the mainstream media being corrupt enough to join in on the ideological narrative.

Desborough mentions that he’s seen it all already when it comes to the attacks on the gaming industry. He mentions that he’s survived through the satanic panic from the 80’s, the Christian Right censorship pleas from the 1990’s, and the attack on the industry during the aughts by Jack Thompson. For #GamereGate, though, he worries more-so about how the event will be viewed from a historical point, saying…

“Having been part of Gamergate, through all its highs and lows, I am worried – now – with censorship on platforms like Wikipedia and with books and campaigns by the ‘victims’ of Gamergate that this event will go into the history books with a very one-sided, lopsided and biased view of what happened – and why.


“As a historian this concerns me, as a Gamergater this concerns me, as someone who cares about truth that concerns me. It’s important to me, and it should be important to everyone, that this event goes into the historical record with a complete and rounded view.”

It’s true that Wikipedia uses a lot of false information on the page and even goes as far as they can to restrict or censor any informatin that goes against their narrative, including burying the CON chat leaks with filibustering and rewriting history.

Desborough acknowledges that his project isn’t a be-all, end-all take on the topic, but he’s hoping it can work as a buffer for an alternate point of view that actually covers the facts of what happened from his point of view as opposed to simply running with the harassment campaign narrative.

You can contribute to the project by visiting the IndieGoGo page. At the moment he’s accrued $636 out of his $1,100 goal.

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