Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race Trailer Is A Regressive Liberal’s Worst Nightmare
Iron Sky 2

Nazis. The mere name seems to cause shrieking and screeching from Regressive Liberals in today’s media society. Everyone a Regressive Liberal turns they see a Nazi. A black embracing weaboo culture with a Reiner t-shirt from Attack on Titan? Nazi. A disabled trans Asian man taking chemo treatment for terminal cancer who voted for Trump? Nazi. A lesbian Mexican otherkin whose pronoun is Xir/Xer/Xi who believes Wikileaks is imperative to the spread of information regarding national security? Nazi.

Well, Regressives are probably flipping over themselves now that the new trailer for Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race has gone live. Why? Because it’s about a Nazi invasion from the moon. That’s right… alien Nazis. And given that the Regressives don’t know how to take a joke these days, you can pretty much expect a few of them shrieked right into their safe spaces.

You can check out the trailer below courtesy of New Trailer Buzz.

The film is the obvious sequel to the original Iron Sky from back in 2012, the action sci-fi comedy about Nazis developing super weapons in space… specifically the moon.

The Fuhrer appears to make a return in the sequel, Iron Sky 2, this time fused with what looks like dinosaur DNA.

A group of straggling survivors attempt to fight back against the remaining Nazi forces in the follow-up sci-fi comedy.

The whole thing looks like a hilarious blast. The kind of B-movie romp you check out for ridiculous amounts of entertainment jam packed into an hour and a half.

All that whining and crying about Nazis and Hitler from Liberals should see them diving into their safe spaces with the kind of aplomb that Bill Clinton showed when getting a ticket to take that private jet ride to lolita island.

Anyway, for the normal Lefties who seem to have quietly left their Liberal name tags under a potted plant in their home, they’ll likely consume something like Iron Sky 2 with the kind of laughter and enjoyment just like other normal human beings. For those Regressive mongloids who run the blogs and support Antifa… well, prepare to hear some screeching from them and plenty of listicles about how Trump measures up to dino-Hitler when Iron Sky 2 launches on February 14th, 2018.


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