Kill Switch Movie Trailer Acts Like It’s Based On A Rejected Video Game Script
Kill Switch

The movie Kill Switch starring Dan Stevens looks like the sort of film that was supposed to be an AAA title from Electronic Arts or Bethesda Software but just didn’t quite make the cut, and instead became a feature length film from a visionary director who got his start making YouTube short-films. That seems to be my takeaway of Kill Switch after watching the new trailer, anyway.

The trailer lays out the basic plot, which involves a giant energy spire that supposedly will power the city. However, strange occurrences begin to take place, including a lot of vehicles going missing. We get some awesome special effects shots showcasing boats, airplanes and trains being sucked up and dumped out into the city.

The main character is taken and instructed to use a black box to fix the problem, only there appears to be a singularity causing a space rift between dual mirror multiverses. It’s like if someone held a giant vacuum cleaner over two parallel universes and kept turning it on and turning it off. It sounds crazy but it looks cool. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of New Trailer Buzz.

String theory wept.

Essentially Kill Switch is like a rejected video game script turned into a movie. That may not be a bad thing considering that most AAA games these days are piss-poor games pretending to be a movie, so why not just remove the game part and enjoy the cool cinematic special effects?

In this case the story seems more like goofy sci-fi than hard sci-fi, but if it’s intense, cool, and entertaining than what does it matter?

If you enjoyed games like Singularity, Breakdown, Time Shift or movies like Hardcore Henry, then you’ll probably want to keep your eye on Kill Switch.

The movie is set to release soon.


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