Lawbreakers Coming To PS4, PS4 Pro; Will Cost $29.99 And Won’t Be Pay-To-Win
Lawbreakers PS4

Boss Key Productions announced that their gravity-defying arena-shooter, Lawbreakers, will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and will also be engineered to take advantage of the (minor) upgrades offered by the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Gamers who will be in attendance at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles, California will be able to get their hands on Lawbreakers for the very first time on PlayStation home consoles. They will also have demos available for the PC version of the game as well.

This news was accompanied by a brand new cinematic trailer featuring a whole bunch of cool scenarios not actually present when you’re playing the game. Check it out below.

See, the thing that bothers me about cinematic trailers these days is that we have the technology to do everything you see the characters doing in that trailer, and yet in the actual game you can’t break into a civilian building, blow open the wall, steal some stuff, and shoot down a bunch of faceless enforcers trying to stop you. If you could, then the game would be absolutely rad and would basically be an anti-gravity rendition of Reloaded Productions’ APB: Reloaded.

Instead, the actual gameplay of Lawbreakers is a lot similar to the likes of Quake or if Overwatch snorted a table full of cocaine and then took two Molly pills and a bit of speed.

The anti-grav gameplay is infused with levels sporting verticality and class-based (or hero based) characters.

Cliff Bleszinski, the head honcho of Boss Key, commented about the new game making its way to home consoles, saying in the press release…

“With LawBreakers, we wanted to honor the skill-based FPS games of yesteryear, all while embracing the new and pushing the genre in our own unique way,”


“We found that messing with gravity, and having it mess with the player, adds a dynamic vertical element that will challenge players of all skill levels to go above their limits. Add in a variety of character role play-styles that go beyond the basic ‘tank, sniper and medic,’ a price point that we feel is fair to the player and the fact that it’s just damn fun to play – we’re confident LawBreakers will be one of the best valued and most challenging FPS games on PC or console.”

They mentioned many months ago that they would not be making the game free-to-play, and instead switched up the payment model to a buy-once structure. They will be selling Lawbreakers for $29.99, and it will supposedly not be pay-to-win. You will be able to purchase cosmetic items for the characters and weapons via a microtransaction store.

As mentioned, a release date hasn’t been set but it will launch simultaneously for PS4, PS4 Pro and on Steam for PC sometime later this year. You can learn more about the game and how to get in on the demo play-sessions at E3 by visiting the official website.


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