Mic Publishes SJW Tirade Against #GamerGate To Defend Mass Effect Andromeda
Mass Effect Andromeda
(Last Updated On: May 18, 2017)

Mic writer Alex Borkowski recently published a tirade against #GamerGate. The article was recently published on May 17th, 2017, featuring an angry screed against those who use the Reddit forum Kotaku in Action, as well as a vehement defense of BioWare and Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The article claims that Kotaku In Action is used in conjunction with #GamerGate as a harassment campaign against minorities – a claim that links to an article from August 20th, 2014 from the DailyDot, which has allegations that been thoroughly debunked by sources like a peer reviewed report from WAM!, and of course, the FBI.

Borkowski picks apart statements on Kotaku In Action aimed at criticizing Manveer Heir, the former game designer who worked at BioWare on Mass Effect: Andromeda. He made highly inflammatory comments on his Twitter feed against whites, but Borkowski claims he was simply fighting for a seat at a table long dominated by whites, writing…

“Kotaku in Action often tries to expose [Manveer] Heir as an anti-white “racist,” but this isn’t the case. Heir likes to call out white people — specifically white men — for constantly co-opting conversations about race, and he’s tweeting from a position of having to fight for a seat at a table that’s long been dominated by white viewpoints and white values.”

A few of the actual tweets that Heir posted can be read as follows.




Borkowski claims that #GamerGaters started a petition to get Manveer Heir fired from BioWare. However, the person who started the original Change.org petition is a Matt Raison. He makes no comment of being affiliated with #GamerGate. Raison does link to articles about Heir on Heat Street, YouTube and Kotaku in Action — the latter of which had some people protesting against getting Heir fired.

Moreover, the actual petition gained steam from a poster named JohnDonMiller on the /r/The_Donald sub-Reddit linking to the site North Crane. JohnDonMiller is a frequent poster to The_Donald but his profile reveals that he doesn’t appear to have any history with Kotaku In Action.

North Crane, however, linked the momentum behind the petition to users on 4chan, who had grouped together to boycott Mass Effect: Andromeda over Heir’s constant attacks on white people. 4chan, as you know, banned discussion of #GamerGate.

The Mic article also takes aim at complaints people had about the unattractive females in Mass Effect: Andromeda, writing…

“Another oft-repeated conspiracy theory about Mass Effect: Andromeda on message boards focuses on the “ugly” models for female characters, which supposedly serves as evidence that the game was designed to promote a feminist agenda. Some, like this GameFAQs thread, are (hopefully) intended as a joke. Others, like this one on IGN’s message boards, don’t seem like they’re meant to be funny or ironic at all.”

To be fair, it’s not just GameFaqs, IGN, or some #GamerGate conspiracy theory about the females being unattractive… it’s a lot of people who seem to think that. Over the last 30 days the tenth most viewed article on this site is how to make your female Ryder more attractive in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The article even received a few plugs from forums and discussion threads where people were disgruntled and frustrated with not being able to make attractive characters.

It also wasn’t limited to just gamers. YouTube outlets like Vegan Gains did a video about Mass Effect: Andromeda’s ugly characters.

Vee also did a video based on a Sun article where they reported that BioWare was accused of making the female characters ugly on purpose.

Given that the Frostbite uses 4D performance capture, it definitely makes it hard to believe that all the male scans were 1:1 but the female scans came out distorted and with overtly masculine features not present from the real-life models they used for the scanning process.

As you can see in the example below, when DICE was doing facial capture for Battlefield 3 it’s all 1:1 for the Frostbite. If you want your character to look different than how the 3D scanner captures them in the studio, then you would have to manually edit the meshes after clean-up by using the modeler and ANT system following the rigging. It’s all detailed in a GDC presentation.

Regardless, Borkowski states…

“Although these allegations are fake, they have real consequences.”

Whether or not BioWare purposefully made the female characters ugly may be up for debate, but there’s no doubt that they absolutely did tweak the female models after they were 3D scanned. There’s even an outline of the differences between the male scans and the female scans in this detailed breakdown of everything that was wrong within the first hour of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Borkowski then moves on to another issue that seemed to be more contained within meta-discussions than any full blown public conspiracy, writing…

“In March, a female BioWare employee was accused of trading sexual favors for her job after being misidentified as the designer behind these animations and character models. It’s the same garbage they’ve used since the original attacks on developer Zo?? [sic] Quinn. These similar, untrue accusations are what launched the movement in 2014.”

There were criticisms about the employee at BioWare over her competency for doing a job that she didn’t seem qualified for based on her CV. The media, typically, turned it into a circus by virtue signaling the criticisms as harassment.

Even still, Borkowski links to the Daily Dot about the accusations regarding Quinn and Kotaku writer Nathan Grayson being “untrue”. The article is from August 29th, 2014, and it’s written by none other than Dennis Scimeca… a member of the GameJournoPros.

Also, the accusations of Grayson having given Quinn positive coverage are not “untrue”. Grayson covered Quinn on multiple occasions without disclosing his ties to Quinn, as outlined in Nathan Grayson’s DeepFreeze profile.

Borkowski then claims that all of these attacks are against diversity in gaming, and he writes…

“Despite Gamergate’s continued accusations, BioWare seems unfazed.”

If downsizing and being removed from producing anymore content for Mass Effect: Andromeda is considered “unfazed” then I suppose he’s right. Otherwise, BioWare Montreal has been sidelined from producing anymore major content for Mass Effect: Andromeda and there are no plans for a sequel, and the Mass Effect series has reportedly been shelved.

Borkowski rounds out the piece by stating…

“[…] it’s time to confront hate in gaming culture and demand that developers fairly represent the people who play their games by maintaining a commitment to equality and diversity. Until we do, Gamergate and the hate it espouses clearly aren’t going away.”

“Fairly represent the people who play their games”? Such as the 90% of males 18 – 42 who either purchased or plan to purchase the Nintendo Switch? Or the 77% of males who watch e-sports? Or the 90% of males who play Prison Architect or League of Legends? Or the 96% of males who play Dota 2 or EVE Online? Or the 93% of males who play first-person shooters?

Well yeah… I suppose #GamerGate probably won’t go away so long as the majority of consumers are being ignored so that companies can focus on low-quality virtue signaling by pandering content to a minority of players who don’t actually play or buy video games.

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Billy has been rustling Jimmies for years covering video games, technology and digital trends within the electronics entertainment space. The GJP cried and their tears became his milkshake. Need to get in touch? Try the Contact Page.

  • Gahn Saaden

    I first read Borkowski’s article, and when I read it, I thought he was not a good journalist. It almost lies to each paragraph. I do not understand his intentions, and his way of thinking. He is not impartial and really does not know what a good journalist should be. I do not like this kind of people who spread bad informations and try to hide a problem by inventing a plot.
    I am French, and I have never heard of Gamergate, and all the people he cite. Yet I saw with my own eyes the horror of facial animation, the difference
    in 3D treatment between women and men, the anti-white racism of Manveer
    Heir, the lie of the lead facial animator, Her
    lack of experience and Bioware who recruits a pretty girl without
    experience to a very important post …. what is called in France a
    “sofa promotion” to say that someone had a position because of sex.

    I want to say I’m agree with your article, and you did well to write a review of Borkowski’s article.

    • Thanks.

      Glad you found the article informative.

  • defiant1701

    Im a lifelong democrat and I want these SJWs put on the next Space X to mars. They are making everything fun and good in the entertainment industry into garbage. At least when the religious right (which I hate) censors something, they have the courtesy of taking it out back and shooting it instead of invading it from the inside and turning it into cancer.

    • Im a lifelong democrat and I want these SJWs put on the next Space X to mars.

      Why would you want them to f*ck up Mars?

  • tajlund

    Apparently they didn’t kiss enough LGBTQXYZ ass anyway. I just got my new game informer and apparently they had to also redo a ton of dialogue on their “trans” character. The perpetually enranged thought the dialogue was insulting and not accurate.

    Of course Game Informer also has a “great” article about putting politics in games and how awesome that is. Of course the only non-leftist example the cite is Bioshock, you know the game where everything Rand wrote goes wrong. Scumbags.

  • CatInThePearl

    Funny. When non whites bitch about games they call it “community feedback”

  • Lol don’t these commies have anything useful to do other than screech at the gaming community on Reddit? No wonder all the kids these days are leaning hard right in politics.

  • “it’s time to confront hate in gaming culture and demand that developers fairly represent the people who play their games by maintaining a commitment to equality and diversity.”

    Let’s look at the progression of events here. A bunch of gamers noticed that Nathan Grayson had failed to disclose his friendship with Zoe Quinn when he’d written about her on a few occasions. Instead of owning that apparent ethical impropriety and promising to do better in the future, a bunch of his game journo pals, terrified that those eagle-eyed gamers would turn their attention to them next, colluded with one another to use Quinn as a shield from further criticism by framing their concerns as being sexist in nature. This was accomplished by way of the “Gamers are Dead” articles, wherein they trotted out many of the same ridiculous gamer stereotypes that had been used for decades to shame us for enjoying videogames as proof that we must be misogynists. Never mind that we’ve had no problem with any of the women who have participated in videogame development over the course of the 40 years prior, or that women like Roberta Williams and Amy Hennig are actually held in high regard for their accomplishments. No, we suddenly woke up one day and decided for no reason at all to try and force a woman who barely qualified as a developer out of an industry that she wasn’t involved in to begin with, and we went about doing it by criticizing a male game journalist for failing to disclose an apparent conflict of interest. Because that makes sense.

    Of course the mainstream media immediately picked up that false narrative and ran with it. It’s had a hate-boner for videogames dating back decades, so of course it was going to. It wasn’t unexpected, but it sucked to see it happen all the same because it gave that false narrative the legitimacy that clowns like this guy needed to use videogames as a vehicle for their social justice agendas. And so they have! They’ve spent the last three years solid shitting on us and our hobby at every opportunity all in the service of their warped ideology, and though the industry has largely ignored it, we have seen some developers make gestures meant to appease this crowd. Those developers are few and far between, and the fact that this guy and his ilk don’t actually buy games even when they do bother to make moves to appease them always bears itself out in the end, but it’s a shame to see it happen at all.

    Our hobby is one of the most inclusive around, and yet we’ve spent the better part of nearly three years now being treated like shit, first by cowardly games journalists, and then by the people like this asshole who were emboldened by their childish overreaction to being held accountable for their lack of ethics to use us to further their social justice agendas. Is it really all that difficult to see how that sort of thing might breed contempt and hostility? I feel like you’d have to be a sociopath not to understand it.

    As for the bullshit about the industry being obliged to fairly represent players, well, let’s examine that shall we? That overwhelming need for representation is owed to the fundamental character flaw that these people possess that leaves them incapable of connecting with anyone around them on a meaningful level. Never mind that they’re looking to entertainment media for representation in the first place, if these people weren’t so shallow as to build their entire senses of self around meaningless shit like their gender or who they fuck, then maybe, just maybe, they’d be capable of appreciating existing characters for their more meaningful qualities. It’s not really on the industry to cater to this minuscule group of people, with an even smaller sub-group of folks within it who actually buy videogames in the first place, and it wouldn’t be even were this not something that these people should be hashing out with a therapist.

    Videogames might be an entertainment industry, but everything it does is done in the service of selling games to the largest possible market. As it turns out, these whiners aren’t part of that market. Such is life.

    • tajlund

      Roberta Williams is one of the gods of gaming. Phantasmagoria still scares the crap out of me and I’m 46. It’s almost like the regressive atmosphere is actually pushing the gaming industry into more segregated and insane BS than it ever actually was.

  • Phasmatis75

    “after being misidentified as the designer behind these animations and character models.”

    Misidentified nothing. Ralph did an excellent job presenting the evidence and archiving everything. Link for reference: http://theralphretort.com/whatever-lie-it-takes-bioware-is-desperate-to-save-the-turd-known-as-mass-effect-andromeda-3018017/

  • GuyGuysonEsquire

    Funny thing, there is hate in gaming culture, that needs to be dealt with – the hate towards normal gamers, the hate towards game developers, that don’t infuse their games with SJW-friendly horseshit. And, in larger scale, there is the hate towards white people for things a couple of their ansectors did – things that were condemned and stopped by whites themselfes back then.

    • CatInThePearl

      r those evil racist white people putting a end to global slavery. Did the British empire even stop and think if it was okay to change Africa and Asian cultures like that?

  • MosesZD

    I saw the 2014 leaked Alpha. It was at least as good as ME:3. Then came ME:A and it became clear the female faces were made ugly on purpose.

  • Disqusted

    Never heard of them. Probably some desperate clickbaiter.

  • MusouTensei

    What a cunt that Alex is, #1 requirement to be a Mic writer.

  • Blake

    Is this the same faggot that tried to get Sam Hyde taken off Adult Swim

  • GodBowser

    I know you all might think this is crazy but what if someone might have paid for this article maybe a certain crackpot

  • Otto Hansen

    GG is made up of the same shit heads who live in fatpeoplehate, the_donald, and other white, right wing subs. Fuck those guys.

    • UndrState

      I’m left wing , I don’t hate fat people , I don’t like and would not vote for Trump , and I’m a Gamergator . Plenty of people on KiA like me , many are not white , not male , not cis , not straight , etc. There are some Trumpers , and there are some assholes ( not necessarily the same people BTW ) , and the Trumpers have a right to be so, and the assholes get dealt with by the mods .

    • MusouTensei

      Not really.

    • So all Liberals are Antifa? All Antifa are Democrats? All Democrats are SJWs?

      Is this how the logic in your brain works? Because this is what bad logic looks like.

      • Because this is what bad logic looks like.


        Not tarring all SJWs with the same brush but bad logic, bigotry, hypocrisy and general retardation certainly seems to be a continuous and constant trait in SJWs.

        • Exactly.

          Not all Liberals are dishonest SJW scum, but all SJWs are dishonest scum.

    • RichardGristle
    • Liviana t’Charvanek

      I’m a Gamergater. I don’t have anything to do with fatpeoplehate, the_donald, or any white or right wing subreddits. I’m still a Gamergater. I’m not in KiA, either. I’m still a Gamergater. I’m a Leftist. I’m still a Gamergater. I voted for, campaigned for, and contributed money to Senator Sanders during the primary season, and did the same for Doctor Stein in the rest of the election cycle. I’m still a Gamergater. I’m a Green. I’m still a Gamergater. I’m a bisexual woman of mixed ancestry. I’m still not an SJW and I’m still a Gamergater.

  • Michael P

    I don’t know how you do it, Billy. These ideological fuckwits are just boring me to death at this point, with the repetitive buzzwords and easily debunked narratives.

    Fucking yawn Mic fags.

    Didn’t know EA/BioWare had canned DLC plans and shelved the series altogether, it must have failed expectations at best/barely made it’s budget back at worst. Most gamers and journos will blame EA when BioWare joins the pile of dead acquisitions of course but BioWare has done a pretty good job fucking things up on their own.

    Surely someone there could’ve foreseen shitting on a large segment of the audience wouldn’t go so well.

    Anyways BioWare, this one’s for you…..


  • Chicago Joe

    The media truly believes that if they just all keep writing the same article over and over and over again that it will become true. They’ve been doing it with GamerGate for years now and they’ll be doing it with Donald Trump for decades.

  • Mr.Towel

    heh, Mic’s comment section is closed down, as per usual.

    So progressive.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a live comment section for articles filled with easily refutable lies.

    • CatInThePearl

      You have to censor. It’s a rile of the internet. Any uncensored​ space becomes right wing

      • Fear Me I Am Free

        Sad part is that they think that way, and yet them doing the opposite is causing a surge in more right wing views. I’m embarrassed to be on the left sometimes.

  • Gorgon

    Why defend it? The game came out, was shit, sold poorly. The end. Gamergate has nothing to do with it. What is this autistic screeching?

    • EroBotan

      The leftards can do no wrong, when things go bad it’s always someone else fault lol

    • Phasmatis75

      They want to keep their job and they know if they lose it they’ll be done in the industry.

    • Fear Me I Am Free

      Add GG to your article, easy clickbait.

  • SevTheBear
  • ElKonsolero

    Must be nice to be so far up his own ass. Can´t believe that even after two months we still have to discuss ME:A underperforming due to enough gamers saying “enough with the BS!”. This is this years Ghostbusters.

    • I don’t know… even Ghostbusters had talk of a sequel despite underperforming. A month after the Andromeda fiasco, EA “Noped” out and shelved the series. That’s harsh.

      • Phasmatis75

        Ghostbusters is dead. Right now there is another movie being developed (might get cancelled) with a male and female team, but all ties to the original movie are being scrubbed from the script. The animated show is probably dead as well.

  • durka durka

    “Kotaku in Action often tries to expose [Manveer] Heir as an anti-white “racist,” but this isn’t the case.”

    Ok then what is the case?

    ” he’s tweeting from a position of having to fight for a seat at a table
    that’s long been dominated by white viewpoints and white values.”

    YEAH MAN THOSE DAMN CRACKERS…. YIAAAHHH. Wtf is even a white viewpoint you fucking retards? The west is based on western ideas and ideals, japan is not white and its based on asian ideas with alot taken from western ideas.

    Wtf is that indians dude viewpoint exactly that he needs to share but blaming whitie damn crackers for everything? That indians are racist towards whites?

    The fuck is wrong with these people?

    “Another oft-repeated conspiracy theory about Mass Effect: Andromeda on
    message boards focuses on the “ugly” models for female characters,”


    Its not a “ugly” its UGLY, its a FACT, that is not something to have an opinion about, especially the main character looks like some uncanny valley robot alien body snatcher monstrosity that came from your worst nightmares.

    “Vee also did a video”

    Vee is too white, he has privillige the romanian fuck…. he should shut up and stop opressing non whites living in the first world.

    “Despite Gamergate’s continued accusations, BioWare seems unfazed.”

    Totally unfazed, which is why they are keep on pushing out dlcs and ….oh wait no, they are downsizing, no dlcs and they wont do a new mass effect anytime soon.

    This is what unfazed looks like? Then again these people never learn, they dont get that they lost, that their ideas were destroyed and the public made an example out of them.

    “it’s time to confront hate in gaming culture and demand that developers
    fairly represent the people who play their games by maintaining a
    commitment to equality and diversity.”

    Yup they never learn, which is why you dont negotiate with communists, you take them on a free helicopter ride and make sure they are never coming back.

    “Until we do, Gamergate and the hate it espouses clearly aren’t going away.”

    See i told you “until we do” they wont stop, which is why you need to eliminate them completly. These morons dont seem to understand that the only thig keeping gamergate alive is them. The mental gymnastics they use, projecting their own hate towards everyone who opposed them, doesnt work anymore, people know what sjws are and they are not gonna dissapear because simply to them, everyone is gamergate and this is how they will bury themselves in the end.

    • Bamf

      I’m pretty sure the loser is from an affluent British city as well.

    • CatInThePearl

      It’s because those silly honkies forgot that only white people can be racist

  • V_for_Vodka

    But according to these guys didn’t #GG die like years ago? And yet apparently everything from somexer accidentally stepping on dog poop to Trump winning is caused by #GG.
    Guys, there’s some high level necromancy going on.

    • durka durka

      Exactly if they have a bad day..GAMERGATE.. DAMN YOUUUU!!!!

      I wonder why they think that, either they convinced themselves that someone to the right of them is responsible for all of their fuckups in their life, or they are insidious and always plotting and engineering situations and event to promote their ideology.

      • they are insidious and always plotting and engineering situations and event to promote their ideology.

        I mean… that’s pretty much what the GJP was for during GG.

  • Jeff

    This is why I love Billy. Billy drop fact bombs much harder than when US dropped the nuke.

    • mikebrand83

      It’s just too bad that unethical journalists are like cockroaches:

      Even when you think you’ve finally seen the end of a disgusting nest of them (see: Gawker), they’d just scurry over to other dark crevasses to keep multiplying and spreading their filth.

      • Jeff

        Exactly.. like roaches.. those things will never fucking die. A meteor killed the dinos but failed to kill the roaches. Filthy scum.

      • Fella

        That was a splendid analogy.