Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Lets You Stealth Through Forts, Setup Traps
Middle-Earth Shadow of War

Some new gameplay footage was released for Monolith Productions and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. The new video clocks in at five minutes long and gives gamers a brief look at the new fortress assault.

The video keeps things short and simple. It’s a Gamespot preview that talks about some of the benefits of having your own army and how to utilize some of the siege upgrades before you head into battle.

Basically before you head into battle you can purchase different upgrades, including various buffs to improve certain troop stats, such as increasing the efficiency and attack rate of the shock troops, or utilize a defense buff that allows you to get an extra bonus for units carrying shields. It almost sounds like something out of a Total War game, right?

Well that appears to be part of Monolith’s plan for Shadow of War, giving gamers a meta-game of sorts to trawl through when it comes to buffs, debuffs, amps and upgrades. You can check out the video below to get an idea of what new features they’ve added to the sequel of the 2014 action-RPG outing.

She explains in the video that there are some moments during the battle that could favor or work against your troops, such as the flying drake, which will side with no one and fly around causing havoc. You can actually weaken the drake and then attempt to commandeer it and use it for your own means against the stronghold garrisons.

She mentions that it’s also possible to have your own army take down other enemy fighters and bosses while you go do other stuff.

Alternatively, it’s mentioned in the video that you don’t have to go blasting through the courtyard with a fiery cavalcade of death at your heels. Technically it’s possible to infiltrate the fort beforehand and scout out the area, lockdown how many soldiers are roaming about, and pinpoint where all the sub-bosses and main bosses are.

Additionally, if you can manage to stay hidden, you can actually setup traps beforehand and trigger them when it’s time to make your move. That honestly sounds like a really cool feature in the game.

You can look for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War to launch on August 22nd for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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