Monster Hunter XX Coming To Nintendo Switch
Monster Hunter Nintendo Switch

Capcom recently opened up the official Japanese website for the Nintendo Switch version of Monster Hunter XX, which instantly set portable fans, Nintendo fans, Monster Hunter fans, Otaku, Weeabos, and even salty Xbox One and PS4 owners into overdrive mode.

The news could render catastrophically successful results for Nintendo if the game actually happens to make its way West, or a bunch of Westerners learn Japanese and import the game for their Switch.

The website doesn’t have much on the site save for an image of a monster, some blood, the title of Monster Hunter XX title motif with a Nintendo Switch logo in the upper right hand corner and the image of the console in the middle of the screen on the leftmost side.

At the bottom of the site they announce that the full reveal will take place on May 27th this Saturday. Wall Street Journal’s Japan correspondent, Takashi Mochizuki, mentioned that the details would be emanating from out of Japan.

Capcom verifies this on the site as well, along with linking to a live-stream of the Monster Hunter Championship where they will let loose details from the Monster Hunter summit detailing Monster Hunter XX on the Nintendo Switch along with details on Dragon Quest X on the Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad pointed out that the indestructible momentum of the Nintendo Switch and the big incoming announcement of Monster Hunter have helped the Switch blast up to heights that it hasn’t seen since the Wii was dominating the market. It’s the equivalent of a fat guy doing some crunches to reduce his gut so that he can see what his schlong used to look like.

Now the only thing that they need to do is make sure that Monster Hunter XX is actually coming to the West and Nintendo and Capcom will be all set for rolling in money like it was 2006.


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