Nioh Gets Free Female Skins On May 2nd
Nioh Female Skins

Koei Tecmo is set to release the new “Dragon of the North” DLC on May 2nd along with a free update containing two playable female skins. The new content adds all new story missions and quests, new armor and weapons. The free skins, however, are available to all of those who have been begging to play as female characters since the game launched.

The news was posted up over on the PlayStation Blog, where they detail the “Dragon of the North” expansion pack, which sees Sir William facing off against Lord Masamune Date.

Team Ninja creative director, Tom Lee, deep dives into the new content to talk about how Masamune was a well-known and controversial historical figure, both brash and brilliant, arrogant and astute, intelligent and impertinent, making for a very interesting foe for players to face off against in the game.

There are new enemies for players to fight, along with new stages to traverse, and plenty of Yokai to defeat on the pathway to taking down Masamune Date.

Team Ninja is also introducing new armor, magic and a weapon called the Odachi.

Over on AllGamesDelta they also revealed two screenshots for the two new playable female characters that players will be able to don throughout their journey. You can check out the images below.

Nioh Free Female Skin DLC
Nioh Free Female Skin DLC

There have been a group of gamers begging Team Ninja for the ability to play as more female skins throughout Nioh, so it appears as if the developers are obliging those requests.

I do wonder if any of the usual SJW suspects in the media will praise Team Ninja for the option of adding in playable female skins or if they’ll just ignore it and continue on with their own “patriarchy is evil and we need to subvert male characters in AAA games to push feminism” routine?

Anyway, you can look for the new update and the “Dragon of the North” DLC to launch on May 2nd for the PS4. They also mentioned that some PS Plus subscription content will also go live as well.


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