Only 13% Of Hardcore Gamers Plan On Buying An Xbox Scorpio
Xbox Scorpio
(Last Updated On: May 10, 2017)

New survey stats have been published by Nielsen Media in their U.S. Games 360 Report, covering a wide range of gaming topics within the electronic entertainment industry, including what game systems consumers – casual, hardcore and non-gamers alike – were planning on buying this year and how aware they were of those systems even existing.

A sample size of 2,000 participants over the age of 13, with a 50/50 split between males and females. They start off with the basics, noting that 65% of Americans are gamers over the age of 13. This includes hardcore games, browser games, Facebook games, casual games, and mobile games. This is up by 6% from 2012, where only 58% of Americans were gamers.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of gamers prefer playing on home consoles compared to mobile devices and tablets. 47% said they preferred traditional home consoles, such as the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo’s systems. 27% said they preferred gaming on PC, and 26% said they preferred gaming on mobile. With those stats it would seem like the Nintendo Switch would be able to catch the preference of both groups, eh?

But the real meat and potatoes comes in the form of intent to purchase. Only 13% of hardcore gamers have intent to purchase an Xbox Scorpio this fall. The PS4 Pro didn’t fare much better, with only 15% of the hardcore gaming audience planning to go all in on the system.

Unsurprisingly enough, casual gamers were even lower yet, with only 9% planning on getting an Xbox Scorpio and only 11% gunning for the PS4 Pro.

This ties into the other figures showing that only 11% of casuals in the survey have heard of the Xbox Scorpio, and 21% have heard of the PS4 Pro. Those are actually decent figures for the PS4 Pro given how little it’s been advertised and how it hasn’t done much to distinguish itself from the vanilla PS4.

Core gamers, however, had slightly higher stats, with 27% having heard of the PS4 Pro, but only 14% having been informed of the Xbox Scorpio.

For non-gamers the stats were even worse, with only 9% having heard of the PS4 Pro and only 3% being aware of the Scorpio.

So how well does this bode for the potential sales of the Scorpio and the continued sales of the PS4 Pro?

Well, a lot of it will depend on the mind-share in the gaming community leading up to the fall release for the Scorpio, and the fall software line-up for the PS4 Pro.

Keep in mind that only 7% of non-gamers have any awareness at all about the Nintendo Switch, while 22% of casuals are aware of the Switch, and 29% of core gamers are aware of the Switch, all of whom are over 13 years of age. So basically the Switch stats aren’t too far off from Scorpio stats in the survey, but as we all know, the Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s fastest selling console in the history of the company, and it’s breaking records while having launched in the off-season in March.

So Microsoft shouldn’t need to worry too much about the stats so long as they have a good line-up of games set to debut during E3 and they can capture a positive piece of mind-share coming out of the big event next month.

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  • midnightgreen20

    I forget what the number was, but the year that Xbone launched, Phil Spencer had laid out a plan where they would introduce a number of new IPs that would be exclusive to Microsoft. Is it just me or did almost none of those ever even come to light?

    I say that because most likely they will make the same promise again to try to sway people into buying the Scorpio. They do have Crackdown coming out, but they ceased development of Scalebound and that certainly ruffled a lot of people’s feathers. So if you seemingly don’t live up to the first promise while shutting down new IPs, why on earth would I want to take that gamble and buy a Scorpio now?

  • Phasmatis75

    Pro is already out so a lot of those whom would have been interested in it last year before it launched already own it. 15% is pretty good figure for a product already available.

    The Switches sales also stagnated in March and haven’t recovered. It had a great launch, and now it’s quickly dying becoming the next Wii.

  • Nobody

    Damn straight i am considering it. After the bullsh*t with having to delid 7700k’s for proper cooling to Nvidia not supporting Freesync i am seriously considering jumping ship from PC and going to Scorpio with a Freesync monitor since Scorpio will support freesync.. Games are optimized for the platform and i don’t have to flippin worry what driver version i am running. Only game i am really looking forward to is Shadow of War and that will be great on Scorpio.

  • There’s a very good reason why the Scorpio is not resonating with gamers: there are no games. Don’t get me wrong, if I had enough disposable income, I would possibly get one myself… but the only game I’ll want to play is Killer Instinct, which is hardly worth justifying such a big purchase. It’s very telling if I’m only interested in one game on the platform, despite the Xbone existing for several years now.

    At this point, developers have all but given up on developing games for Microsoft; all of them are going to Sony because there’s a core player base attached to the PS4. And frankly, Microsoft can’t capitalize on that, anymore. They had their chance in 2014-2015, when the hardware sales were more neck-and-neck, but because they didn’t secure any exclusives, they were fucking done, and the PS4 exploded in popularity right in their faces.

    I wager this will be the last console generation, period. And if not, then at least for the core gamer demographic. These new consoles are having mid-gen upgrades to their hardware in order to keep up with the increasingly dominant PC market, but they’re always going to trail behind thanks to the nature of a console: closed hardware that can play all software developed for it. And the console owners, myself included, look at these upgrades and conclude the whole thing isn’t fucking worth it, anymore. If they’re going to become PCs, just cut the middle-man and buy the real deal.


    I’m still gonna wait on the Scorpio until the middle of next year. I wasn’t too interested in the PS4 Pro due to the minimal performance gain. It’ll likely be the same with Project Scorpio or whatever the fuck the thing ends up being named. Hell, I wasn’t too interested in the PS4 Slim, or the Xbox One S either, tbh..

    • Phasmatis75

      It really isn’t worth it unless you just wanted the more memory with a few perks like I did.

  • Dreiko

    Ever since microsoft made it the case that all X1 games are also available on windows 10, the reason for an xbox console to exist vanished. Now people who want nintendo games will get a switch, people who want Japanese rpgs, fighters and other sony exclusives will get a ps4 and everyone else will get a pc.

    • their is more Japanese rpgs and fighters on PC than PS4 though.

      • Dreiko

        PC encompasses all the generations into one so looking at how many there are is missing the point. You have to look at what system they’re coming out for. Very, very few upcoming new Jrpgs and fighters come multi-plat for pc and ps4 and almost none exist that are exclusive for pc while a whole hell of a lot are exclusive to ps4. Maybe more of them will eventually be ported years down the line but that’s a maybe and still there’s gonna be some like Persona 5 that will be exclusive, necessitating the ownership of a console.

        • Not really as I can’t think of any fighting game that is on PS4 and not PC. Plus their is a lot of JRPGs that is coming to PC and not PS4. Really if you own a gaming PC it is not necessary to own a PS4. Plus don’t forget about PSnow being on PC too.

    • Phasmatis75

      Worse is they’re releasing those games on Steam now with the ability to run on Windows 7.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    ISn’t it a little early to be pushing out a new generation of Xbox?

    • LurkerJK

      its not a new generation, its the Xbone v1.2

      what their marketing department must be thinking these days : “ppl buy
      new cellphones every 6 months for a negligible upgrade, why not consoles”

      now that they turned consoles into standard hardware PCs, there is no point doing “generations” anyway, you would have to intentionally make old games not compatible

      • Fear Me I Am Free

        Oh, so they are just trying to spice it up with a new name? Is the Xbone name that tainted? I mean, I’m more of a Sony guy, but Microsoft has made some good decisions with it. Their Monthly games are usually much better and the backwards compatibility is great.

        • SevTheBear

          MS shoot themselves in the foot when Xbox One first announced. People stormed the PS4 platform instead because of this dumb move + Sony sits on A LOT of in house IPs.

          MS’s backwards compatibility is a BIG plus if you have many Xbox 360 games. But without solid exclusives it’s little victory.

          • Phasmatis75

            Well Microsoft is doing two things better than Sony. Their backward library can be played through emulation rather than remote play. Now is absolute garbage when it comes to resolutions. Their VR headsets also have self tracking technology, so you don’t need a large room and cameras to enjoy using it.

            If Sony matches both these points, MS will have nothing.

          • SevTheBear

            Indeed MS is trying their best to beat Sony in other areas. The question is if it will be enough :/

          • Phasmatis75

            Not even close. Microsoft burned a lot of bridges over the years. Indi devs pretty much only release on Xbox One first if they had it going ahead of time, even try to defend the decision. The rest are pissed at MS’s treatment of them while Sony bent over backward to get them on their platform.

            Major developers were screwed over by Xbox TV and Kinect. I know that at least two major developers were screwed when Kinect was dropped, and Remedy was screwed with Quantum Break when the TV was dropped.

            Execs are no longer willing to pay for exclusives. Many want Xbox division gone, so it’s just a matter of time before it is sold off.

          • Execs are no longer willing to pay for exclusives. Many want Xbox division gone, so it’s just a matter of time before it is sold off.

            This is looking more and more true, sadly.

          • Phasmatis75

            Corporate politics moves slowly, but this has been the general sentiment for a half a decade now. Dunno, perhaps someone else taking up the Xbox Brand might not be such a horrible thing. Perhaps they’d turn it into a publishing label and release on all platforms.

      • Phasmatis75

        Straight up they’ve actually said just that and I pointed out immediately that a lot of times you cell phone company subsidizes your phone purchase. You also need a cellphone these days, but you don’t need an xbox or ps4.

        • They used to offer subsidized Xbox 360s didn’t they? I thought you could get one for dirt cheap if you signed up with at least two year’s worth of Xbox Live. I’m too lazy to go Google it, but I thought that was a thing.

          • Phasmatis75

            Something that isn’t going to happen. Microsoft isn’t going to subsidize consoles when they’re probably gearing up to ax the Xbox division.

        • LurkerJK

          Cellphone companies just charge you the cost of the phone in the overpriced monthly contract, it just “seems subsidized”… and it would not surprise me if MS or Sony offered that kind of contract eventually, EA is already trying their hand at something similar with EA access

          Also you dont “neeeeeeed” a cellphone, successful marketing, culture integration and peer pressure makes you say that, i can see them trying to do the same for consoles

          • Phasmatis75

            Well that’s sort of what I meant, it works out so that you aren’t dropping that kind of money a new cellphone every time you need one.

            As someone who barely uses their cellphone, yes you do need a cellular device, not in the same sense that you need food and water, but to function in the 21 century it very much is a requirement unless you want to make your life pointlessly complicated.

  • RichardGristle

    I can’t help but feel that we’re soon to witness the final console under the Xbox brand.

    • Phasmatis75

      No, it’ll be the final Xbox microsoft sells. They’ll likely sell off the division to another company. Two takers last time speculation was afoot were Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

  • LurkerJK

    The Scorpio is in this awkward spot, its more powerful than the ps4pro but then it doesnt really have any exclusives to talk about and PCs still outmuscle it with the disparity only growing in time

    if you want games you can only have on consoles, you want a PS4.

    if you want the most powerful machine available, you want a PC.

    If you want a low price point, you want a (probably further discounted) vanilla PS4 or maybe a Switch

    … why would you get a Scorpio ?, whats the selling point ?

    • Good question.

      Their only saving grace will be exclusives. But Microsoft refuses to commit to first-party exclusives.

      The other problem is — and I’m not even going to mince words here — that their demographic for this piece of hardware is only going to be the hardcore Xbox fans, majority of which will be young males.

      If they don’t seriously start putting out exclusives to attract the males between 25 – 42 with $500 of disposal income during the high-threshold sales months where it counts, they’re just blowing their wad on nothing.

      They will need games that attract that audience and they will need to market those games as exclusives only available on the Xbox.

      This is simply common sense because that’s what the market demands.

      They can keep pussy-footing around as if gender quotas and diversity pushes are important, but none of those demographics are going to put $500 down for a console that — as you mentioned — is outclassed by high-end PCs and too expensive compared to the Switch and PS4.

      They’re going to need a strong line-up of exclusive games only available on the Scorpio and games that 110% appeal to the straight male 15 – 42 gaming audience, otherwise they may as well hang it up now.

      • Dreiko

        What exclusives do they have for any demographic though? Halo and some meh racing game?

        Unless they cease putting every xbox game on the pc, no matter what they do they’re not gonna dig themselves out of this hole. The weird console fanboys who get an xbox because it’s an xbox will buy the system anyways but everyone else is already lost to the seven seas.

        • What exclusives do they have for any demographic though? Halo and some meh racing game?

          Nothing. Even Halo has lost its luster. They’ll literally need a new batch of at least three to four exclusives to round out 2017, and they all need to be innovative, unique and centered around the Xbox Scorpio’s hardware.

          Unless they cease putting every xbox game on the pc, no matter what they do they’re not gonna dig themselves out of this hole.

          Yup. They can’t have it both ways. Either they push the exclusive software onto the market to make the new hardware sell, or they ignore the hardware and keep releasing on PC and fracturing their own market by making the hardware obsolete. If they want the Scorpio to sell they can’t keep straddling the line; it will need must-have, killer-apps to force people to buy the hardware.

          Even Sony right now is struggling in the killer app department, as there are just so few games available on the system that are actually must-have.

          • Even Sony right now is struggling in the killer app department, as there
            are just so few games available on the system that are actually

            I’d say yes and no. The PS4 doesn’t release many exclusives, but when you tally them up over several years, new buyers will have a plethora of options nowadays, especially if you’re more interested in Japanese titles.

          • Dreiko

            The ps4, overall, has few exclusives for folks who want AAA non-Japanese games. It’s kinda like the state the Vita is in, only less pronounced.

            It just so happens that I mostly play Jrpgs and fighters though, so I am fully happy with both of em. But yeah, most of the games ps4 has also come for ps3 and the vita so there’s not quite as many exclusives. The Wii U had more of those, and that thing is so dead already you’d think it fought Kenshiro.

          • Pretty much this, yeah.

          • SevTheBear

            Yeah it took like 3 years for PS4 to get enough exclusive for it to be worth your time.

        • SevTheBear

          Their Windows Store (aka GFWL 2.0) is trash. Very few want’s anything to do with it. So unless they sell them all on Steam they ain’t gonna see much profit on PC either

          • Dreiko

            Well, if it’s between using a sucky store or spending hundreds of dollars on a whole other console you don’t need, I think most people would either go for the store or not get the game at all.

          • SevTheBear

            I think I will be in the camp of skipping the game then. the Windows store is trash and there ain’t enough on Xbox One that makes me wanna by it.

          • Phasmatis75

            Now they’re starting to move all their games to Steam and not requiring Windows 10 to run them. Internally they know Windows Store was a failure.

          • SevTheBear

            Yeah HALO Wars is a start at least

      • AlecJ


        Microsoft is in the inevitable position of deciding between economic reality and identity politics.

        Only in 21st century America is this even a decision.