Planet Nomads, No Man’s Sky-like Game Now Delayed To May 26th
(Last Updated On: May 2, 2017)

You wanna know two games that you never want your game to resemble? No Man’s Sky and Mass Effect: Andromeda. Well, there’s actually a game that resembles both, and recently it faced a delay that now sees the title dubbed Planet Nomads pushed back to May 26th.

Featured on this site before, Craneballs went in deep this time around announcing that the game resembling No Man’s Sky and Mass Effect: Andromeda has faced a delay; pushing its Early Access release date to May 26th.

The announcement for the delay can be seen below.

“This is not the best news, and one we’re surely not proud to announce, but in the light of (very) recent discussions we had with our Alpha Nomads and among the team, we decided to postpone the Early Access launch of Planet Nomads.


The launch is happening in May, we still need to figure out exact details for the game as well as find a new suitable launch window.”

More information explaining in detail about the game’s delay sits over on

Anyone who helped back the game and/or supported it through Kickstarter and pre-ordered Planet Nomads will receive a key in their e-mail. This key grants access to the current state of the game, just like the Alpha version, and will soon include a GOG version too.

If you’ve been out of the loop and seek to know what Planet Nomads has to offer the game, in general, is about exploring a planet, building objects on it, gathering resources and doing scavenging things with your particle-manipulating multi-tool.

A video playthrough showing the game known as Planet Nomads runs through the basics and what players can expect from the game in its current state. The video comes in by Starsnipe – Daily Videos.

As noted above, Planet Nomads is now set to release on May 26th for PC via Steam Early Access.

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  • tajlund

    I own and enjoy No Man’s Sky and have tried Planet Nomads. I can tell you there is basically nothing even similar between the two games. Planet Nomads has far more in common with games like Minecraft than any of the current space games. I was very unimpressed with my few minutes of play. On the other hand I’ve put dozens of hours into No Man’s Sky. The skeleton of a good game might be there with Nomads based on the time I played, hopefully by the time of release it becomes actually good.