Randall, Schizophrenic Dystopian Brawler Arrives May 30th On PC, PS4
Randall Game

With the U.K’s Conservative party literally set to enact information control over the internet with the Tory manifesto, it’s looking like we’re moving one step closer to a real life Orwellian society as depicted in the novel 1984. Unsurprisingly enough, there’s a game about state control in a dystopian society called Randall, where you play a cop-abusing schizophrenic attempting to take down the system.

I don’t know if SJWs will love or hate this game considering that 1) you’re beating up cops, and SJWs hate cops. And 2) you’re playing as a white guy, so that kind of fiddles with their anti-white agenda. I’m sure they’ll be torn mulling over whether or not to support or hate this game.

Anyway, the game focuses on Randall and his ability to control the minds of others. This is useful as he makes his way through the corporatocracy of the new world order, which is a dictatorship ran by mining corporations.

Players will journey through the wastelands of the future, and the hazardous levels of the industralized corporate mining machine as military police must have their heads busted open in order to progress and attain some element of freedom. You can check out the launch trailer below.

Developers We The Force Studios are making their statement loud and clear. Whether or not gamers take to the game is a whole other story.

The actual content is similar to the likes of Guacamelee, but with a hard-edged dystopian element to it. Players will have to make their way through traps and hazards scattered throughout the various levels, all while fighting off the militarized police force and utilizing his telekinetic abilities to royally funk people up.

You can look for Randall to drop on May 30th for the PS4 and for PC. If you’re interested in adding the game to your wishlist, you can do so by visiting the Steam store page.


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