Rock, Paper, Shotgun Loses Jim Rossignol And Kieron Gillen After Gamer Network Acquisition
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Two of the original founders of British gaming site, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, have parted ways from the company after the full acquisition of the site from the Gamer Network conglomerate. is reporting that Kieron Gillen will move on to work in the comics industry and Jim Rossignol will continue work with his game development studio, Big Robot, which was behind the 2014 Kickstarter hit, Sir, You Are Being Hunted.

As noted on, Gamer Network originally controlled the ads that ran on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, but were hands-off when it came to the other business administration aspects of the site. Well, now they’ve moved in to take full control of the site, adding it to a stable of other acquisitions, including VG 24/7 and Eurogamer.

According to Gamer Network founder and CEO, Rupert Loman, the move will be aimed at expanding the site and growing the Rock, Paper, Shotgun community…

“We have worked successfully together with Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the past seven years and we’re delighted to extend our partnership in the best way possible. They have a brilliant community and we share a common editorial ethos, so it is great that we are now able to bring them closer to the Gamer Network family. We are looking forward to giving the team the support and resources to expand the site, and to help continue the fantastic RPS success story.”

The site came under heavy fire from the gaming community during the #GamerGate debacle due to Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s hard stance on banning users who wanted to advocate for better ethics in journalism. They would remove threads and censor users who wanted to discuss the topic, as documented by Kotaku in Action.

Many gaming websites turned against their communities during that time (and still continue to do so), banning and censoring people were displeased with the lack of disclosures by major gaming websites who were perceived to have been taking payola in exchange for positive coverage. Others were disturbed at the growing trend of gaming websites taking on ideologically driven coverage of games, where if a game didn’t fit the ideological preference of the site runners, it would be unfairly criticized or mislabeled in its coverage. Such a thing happened to the Rimworld developer when he was called “sexist” in a variety of hit-pieces that spawned from a critical theory piece published on Rock, Paper, Shotgun over perceived gender politics in the game.

Under Gamer Network’s leadership, we’ll see if Rock, Paper, Shotgun will continue to produce social engineering pieces or if they will ease up and go back to the more literary poignant pieces centered around PC gaming culture that made them popular so many years ago.


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