Seven Knights English Version Censors Cleavage, Thighs, Midriffs
Seven Knights Censorship
(Last Updated On: May 24, 2017)

NetMarble’s mobile game Seven Knights managed to make its way to the West after originally launching in Japan a while ago. Earlier in the month on May 5th, 2017 a user on Reddit made a post talking about the censorship and model changes that NetMarble made to Seven Knights for the English version of the game.

Some people defended the censorship, but a lot of others condemned the censorship. Censored Gaming did a video pointing out the differences between both versions and how the English version of the game has the females covered up a lot more than the international versions of Seven Knights.

They explain that no matter what region you play the game in, if you choose the English text option it censors many of the female costumes.

Now, not all the costumes are censored.

Certain outfits, like Ballista’s for instance, seems to be the same in the Korean and the English versions.

Other costumes, like Ruri, saw the English version having more coverage added to the cleavage and the midriff. The Spanish version is up top and the English version is just below it.

One of the more egregious examples is Nezha, who went from wearing a barely-there apron in the international versions but has on an apron and a jump suit in the English version.

The Reddit thread and Censored Gaming note that this is the opposite of what happened with Vespa Inc’s King’s Raid, where we reported that the developers attempted to self-censor but got called out by its global community and had to remove the censored content and make the game uncensored again due to complaints.

Not every developer can get lucky, though. Pati Games Corp., ended up drawing the short end of the stick when they claimed that Google and Apple marketplace standards required them to censor their female heroines in the game Dragon Heroes. Some people didn’t buy into the excuse, but Apple has been known to selectively come down on some developers for their content, including having certain developers remove guns from the promotional art of their games on the iTunes App Store.

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  • afafsafsa

    i have created a fully uncensored english version of the game if anyone is interested i will upload it and give links

    you will need to have a rooted phone, this app is based from the japanese only version of the game you can see it on google play here “”

  • Disqusted

    Why cover boobs if other outfits are still showing boobs?? Why cover legs if other outfits are showing leg?? Stupid as hell, but at least they didn’t just paint the legs black and call it a day.

    Some of those edits look kinda decent, like I prefer the full apron over that weird partial apron. But if they were gonna bother editing that shit, they should give people the option, otherwise it’s just censorship.

  • tajlund

    This is the stupidest censorship I’ve ever seen. This is the crap I saw in the ME.

  • Hoki

    I don’t get it, its still sexy so why bother covering a few extra bits? what is the point of this!?

  • But Gamergate has already won guys.

    What an absolute disgrace this censorship is.