Shadow Warrior 2 Set To Launch On PS4, Xbox One On May 19th
Shadow Warrior 2

Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital announced that the official release date for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Shadow Warrior 2 is set for May 19th. The first-person shooter originally made its way onto PC last year during the fall, marking the sequel to the reboot of the FPS based on the edgy, old 1990s shooter back when counter-culture and “attitude” were the in-thing.

The release date was verified via a tweet from the official Shadow Warrior Twitter account, which featured a basic message from the developers informing console gamers that they’ll be able to play the game starting at the end of next week on May 19th.

Shadow Warrior 2 features 70 different weapons to acquire, along with a variety of different variations of each weapon based on a diverse cache of guns and swords that can be acquired from chests, monsters and secrets scattered around the game world.

The weapons range from chainsaws and short swords, to long-arse crescent blades, explosive grenade launchers and hand-crafted shotguns. In addition to the wide array of different weapons to wield throughout the procedurally generated landscapes, there’s also a new upgrade system available so you can keep hold of your favorite weapon and upgrade as necessary in order to take down ninjas, cyborgs and demons alike.

New to Shadow Warrior 2 was the four-player cooperative mode that could be played online with up to three other friends. I do wonder if they will have split-screen options available on the home console versions of the game like Borderlands?

The game is currently available on PC for $39.99 but will be available next week on Xbox One and PS4.

(Main image courtesy of Petite Fleur Sasha)


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