Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s Campaign Could Feature An SJW Storyline
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Iden Versio

The Inferno Squad, the group of elite special forces units that players will command in the campaign mode of Star Wars: Battlefront II, have received a bit more details about their presence in the upcoming sequel to DICE’s 2015 outing.

Over on the official EA website they have a brief explanation of what role the Inferno Squad actually plays in the fighting effort the Galactic Empire poses against the Rebel Alliance.

According to the post, Inferno Squad, led by Iden Versio, are both expert fighter pilots and expert ground fighters.

The post explains…

“Inferno Squad is an Imperial special-ops team, trained as both deadly starfighter pilots and elite commandos. Deeply committed to the rule of law, Inferno Squad is an Imperial shield against the chaotic threat represented by the Rebel Alliance. Fearless in the face of sedition, they strike unseen and then fade back into the darkness of deep space.”

For those wondering whether or not this would mean Iden will be tangling in the dirt with the Rebels in the gritty reality of ground warfare, it definitely means Iden will be dancing the tango of war with the Rebels in the gritty reality of ground warfare.

However, the post also notes that Iden will also be mixing it up in space, just as the description of the Inferno Squad implies.

Apparently the team of elite Imperial troopers will make their way across the hot spots of the galaxy using the Imperial Raider Corvus as a special vessel to carry out their activities. I can only assume players will have access to Tie Fighters and other spacecraft from the Imperial fleet in which to take on Rebels during the space battle portions of the campaign.

We also already know that the Inferno Squad (or at least Iden) gets betrayed, and we also already know (through EA’s uncanny ability to unravel the plot for us through blog posts) that the Inferno Squad (or at least Iden) will gain “redemption” through their efforts to bring justice to the galaxy. So it’s a pretty safe bet she joins the Rebel Alliance (especially considering that they also confirmed that you will play as Luke Skywalker at some point in the campaign, and Iden clearly meets Luke in the reveal trailer).

Of course, some people are a-okay with the story that Motive plans to tell for DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront II. Others feel as if they can already smell the Social Justice Warrior bullspit a galaxy away.

YouTuber ItsAGundam laid out a pretty convincing argument why you can expect Iden to be another “Strong independent woman” trope who “doesn’t need no man”.

Yes, a member of the GameJournoPros had a hefty hand (and according to Walt Williams, even more so than that) in crafting the narrative for Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Mitch Dyer is a full blown Social Justice Warrior and a strong advocate of Anita Sarkeesian’s brand of third-wave, sex-negative feminism. She’s also his “hero”.

Walt Williams, the co-writer of Star Wars: Battlefront II’s campaign mode also spent a good amount of time doting on his writing accomplice, posting a number of congratulatory tweets about what they achieved with the game’s story.

Williams went on to write…

“[Mitch’s] talent & passion made our story soar. Not lying when I say @MitchyD is more than the best co-writer ever; he’s also one of my best buds. But, it would just be words if it weren’t for the amazing @Janina bringing Iden Versio to life. Phenomenal doesn’t even begin to describe it.


“Gah! I want to gush over @MitchyD & @Janina all day, but I’m afraid I’d say too much. This whole experience has been great for us. We can’t wait for you to join us.”

The recent post about the story in Battlefront II seems to point to Inferno Squad being the most badass of the badass elite within the Empire’s forces. While some people were willing to give the story the benefit of the doubt, it really does seem to be the makings of the exact same kind of archetype that we’ve seen recently from the SJW crowd when it comes to how they craft their female characters in media, oftentimes overcompensating them by making either flawless like in Horizon: Zero Dawn, Star Wars: The Force Awakens or Battlefield 1, or a female who imitates male behavior better than a male does.

It’s completely possible that we’ll get a sound explanation of how someone like Iden Versio rose through the ranks of the Empire – despite the fact that they’ve oftentimes been portrayed as being rather bigoted and sexist – to become the leader of their most feared unit in the galaxy (and did so without being Force sensitive, cybernetically enhanced, or physically or genetically gifted in some way)… or it’s possible she’ll end up being another Mary Sue.


So far the trailers and information have provided zero insight into this precarious plot point, where most people who have followed the Star Wars lore felt the turn of event was somewhat out of place for the Empire. Especially when some of the only few female commanders in their ranks had to fight tooth and nail to acquire their positions, such as Natasi Daala. Under Disney’s regime, however, they’ve recently broaden Empire’s horizons in the Star Wars lore, adding other female naval commanders to the Imperial fleet, such as Rae Sloan.

There have been plenty of female heroes (Jedi, alien, enhanced or otherwise) on the Rebel’s side, but very few have been notably standout on the Empire’s side.

Of course, it’s completely possible that there’s a sound unfolding of how this all plays out, and a potentially reasonable explanation as to why the Empire has started cultivating a more “diverse” atmosphere.

However, doubts fester over the possibility of the story being SJW infested given that one half of the writing team clearly made his allegiance known to third-wave feminist ideals, and the description of the plot so far conveniently ignores how Iden came into power over Inferno Squad; there’s definitely going to be some much needed narrative exposition to clarify this development. That’s not to mention that EA’s other sci-fi fanfare, Mass Effect: Andromeda from BioWare, was riddled from top to bottom with SJW propaganda.

It shouldn’t have to be said, but most people wouldn’t mind a female lead in a typically male-dominated role if she’s well written and properly characterized, otherwise it becomes distracting to the story. It would be the equivalent of having Sylvester Stallone in a romantic comedy. Sure it could happen, but most women would be wondering why Chris Pine, Chris Pratt or Chris Hemsworth weren’t cast in the leading male role, and most guys would be confused as to why Stallone would trade in the M60 and the shiny muscles for a romantic montage set to the latest track from Taylor Swift.


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