Steam Hammer Enters Early Access On Steam, Despite Bugs Hampering The Experience
Steam Hammer

SF Team and Big Way’s steampunk MMO, Steam Hammer, has officially launched into Early Access on Steam. The game has been highly anticipated due to the fact that it mixes the emergent gameplay and creativity found in games like Minecraft, but it’s designed to play out like an action-oriented third-person shooter.

Steam Hammer recently launched into Early Access, featuring 250 different ingredients to craft weapons, armor, buildings, airships and other vehicles.

Players can either go at it solo or team up with friends and craft and build together.

A summary of the gameplay is mostly summed up in the launch trailer for the game, which recently went live. You can check that out below.

Unlimited terraforming, resource gathering, crafting, and role-playing. Sounds like it could be a real hoot to play, eh?

Well the recent launch into Early Access on Steam came with a myriad of bugs and performance issues that some gamers weren’t too fond of. The game currently has a mixed rating due to some of the launch day woes that usually plague most Early Access games.

A day after the game released they were quick to issue a patch for some of the issues, but the complaints are still ever present. This is the natural course of a game moving slowly through the space of Early Access.

A lot of the negative comments center around the game having similar faults as the Early Access rendition of Life is Feudal. Stability and playability issues can, however, be fixed if the developers stay devout to the project and improve it over time.

They plan on keeping Steam Hammer in Early Access for approximately one year, with an expected full release set to take place in 2018.

If you’re interested in learning more you can check out the store page on Steam.


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