Super Mega Baseball 2 Set To Release This September For PS4, Xbox One, PC
Super Mega Baseball 2

Metalhead Software announced that Super Mega Baseball 2 is currently scheduled to release in September for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. They don’t iron out an exact release date just yet, but I imagine it’s coming soon.

Accompanying the news about the release window being narrowed down is a brand new developer diary where they talk a little bit more about the gameplay and features in the upcoming sports title for home consoles and PC.

You can check out the minute and a half long video below to get an idea of what it’s about.

They explain that they’ve ramped up the amount of triangles in the meshes for the stadiums, enabling them to implement more details into the stadium and more intricate designs to be showcased for the player’s ocular appreciation.

Additionally, enhanced textures, a completely reworked lighting system with dynamic shadows and light sourcing has been added, and they’ve overall given the stadiums slightly modified proportions for a more large-scale, aesthetic resemblance to the real life, professional baseball fields.

Thanks to their overhaul of the new lighting and shader system, this has enabled Metalhead Software to take advantage of different lighting conditions that can affect the field, along with different weather conditions, which will change visibility and potential player performance while you’re toughing it out against opponents.

They’ve also improved the overall animation quality of the characters, adding new idle animations, new wind-up animations for the pitchers, new batting animations, and more frames and kinetic depictions of athleticism on the field.

The team also put some time and effort into separating the male and female rigs and animations so that the women don’t have man-movements. I’m sure people like Jonathan McIntosh and Anita Sarkeesian will complain that it’s sexist that the team took time out to make the women not move like men, but in this day and age where the SJWs rule the media, you can’t win even if you collect all the coins and grab the flag from the top of the pole. You’ll have some problem-glasses Koopa at the finish line telling you that grabbing the pole was a symbol of the patriarchy and all the coins is a representation of oppression over the less privileged.

Thankfully, for people who have no idea what sort of damage SJWs have done to the gaming industry, they can obliviously enjoy family-friendly arcade games like Super Mega Baseball 2 come September when the game launches for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Sadly no Nintendo Switch version is due for release.


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