Super Mega Baseball Review
Super Mega Baseball Review

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings is an arcade game if one judges games by appearance and initial impressions only, but a decent simulation in some ways if one plays for a while and believes what the developers say about the physics – being inexperienced at baseball, this reviewer probably isn’t the best judge, but he still managed to find lots to enjoy and criticize in this game.

While not the easiest to pick up and play, even when you’ve played it before a while ago, the game provides enough interest and relative ease to keep you coming back. True, there’s not as much to sustain the game’s playability as, say FIFA or NHL games, but that might be due to limitations of baseball as a sport – its rather repetitive but quite complex nature — rather than being the game’s fault as such.

It’s not too easy either, but this could be a plus. Yes, you’re assisted by its in-game help and tips, but these could be improved, and the rules could be far better explained to those with little experience of baseball. Also, there seems to be a lack of balance between the ease of fielding and relative ease of pitching and the difficulty of batting overall, although – to be fair – these differences could just be down to this reviewer’s personal skill levels at the different aspects of baseball rather than an inherently unjust contrast in the game.

Super Mega Baseball Review

Also worth noting are the different strengths of teams. However, this display could be built upon by given a more in-depth analysis of team skills like the one shown of your team before you go out onto the field, as well as being simplified by showing an overall rating for players and teams that can be quantified rather than only saying ‘Defensive Specialists’, for example.

It could also be argued that unlockable items could be better and the season mode improved. As they are they do not provide much of an incentive to keep going, especially for players who are less skilled than others. However, there are good things to say about the season mode: the fact you can modify the difficulty level and length. Heck, the fact it even exists is a plus.

One can’t help but feel that this game should be slightly more realistic or slightly more fun. It appears to straddle the line in terms of giving gamers arcade gameplay while being slightly more difficult than typical arcade games but not as difficult as more realistic simulators. Yet, as it is, it’s still a good game and a decent representation of baseball despite its goofy appearance.


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