The Day After, Open-World Shooter Teaser Trailer Readies For Early Access Launch
The Day After

Coconut Games announced The Day After last year. They’ve been toiling away on the game for quite some time, slowly adding, iterating and improving as they prep for the game’s Early Access launch later this year during the summer.

In preparation for the Early Access launch, they released a new teaser trailer, featuring just 37 seconds of gameplay for the upcoming modern-day, single-player action title. You can check it out below.

The game is similar to Days Gone, insofar that it’s based on a sort of apocalyptic scenario where player decisions and choices will alter the storyline in the game. And no, this is not an MMO. This game is a single-player adventure that focuses on the player experience of attempting to survive against the contagious residents, it does feature an invitation-only co-op mode for those who want a little bit of help, but otherwise this isn’t another DayZ clone.

The press release mentions…

“This game takes place in Grayfox Hill, a nearly bankrupt North American town, kept under full quarantine due to an unknown bacteria who affects humans, transforming them into dangerous and contagious beings.”

The voice acting in the trailer is kind of cheesy, and the presentation looks kind of cheap, but this is an indie game after all. I mean, it would be a little unfair to expect production qualities on par to Sony’s first and second party studios.

The game does seem to remind me of a cross between State of Decay and Days Gone fused together… at least conceptually.

Coconut Games have been keeping the details on the gameplay fairly close to the chest, but early on they did reveal that the Unreal Engine 4 game features a karma system, where actions have consequences, and there are a variety of buildings and structures to investigate and explore in Grayfox Hill, along with tons of enemies to avoid or kill.

You can look for The Day After to land on Early Access at the end of summer. For more info be sure to visit the official website.


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