The Nightmare From Beyond Is A Horror-Platformer Inspired By The Dunwich Horror
Nightmare from Beyond

Indie developers The Domaginarium announced that their new horror-platformer, The Nightmare From Beyond is coming soon to a PC digital distributor near you. The game sees players in the role of Sanja, who must travel to a nightmare world in order to save her twin sister Dajana, who was kidnapped by a cult. The game is inspired by The Dunwich Horror and other tales from H.P. Lovecraft.

Players will have to travel through the bizarre world and dodge horrors while platforming across deadly cliffs and strange structures.

There’s a minute and a half long trailer to give you a small taste of what the Salvadorian developers have come up with for The Nightmare From Beyond. You can check it out below.

Sergio Rosa, the designer and writer behind the game explained what the inspiration was behind the title, saying…

“When we started The Domaginarium back in 2011, the goal was to create games with deep and challenging stories,” “With The Nightmare from Beyond, we’ll continue to deliver intriguing stories that people unveil by playing and exploring the environment.”

Based on the trailer it’s tough to get a gauge for what the game is actually like. The comments on the YouTube page are none too pleasant given that the graphics don’t look up to the standards of many of today’s Unreal Engine 4-powered games. However, I’m willing to forgive the graphics if the platforming and the horror elements of the story are portrayed decently enough. I mean, heck, even back in the 1990s there were games with shoddy graphics that still managed to be scary, so it’s not like that’s going to change just because engines can render characters with up to 3 million polygons.

The developer’s last game was Enola, a horror adventure game about lesbians dealing with sexual assault and trauma.

I doubt there’s going to be lesbians in this game… unless they’re planning on taking sibling sauciness to a whole new level?

Anyway, there’s no release date on The Nightmare From Beyond, but you can keep track of the game if it interests you by visiting the official website.


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