The Path To Die, Feudal Japan Adventure Game Kickstarter Goes Live

Cat Logic Games recently took their title The Path To Die to Kickstarter to complete their quest in bringing the hardcore, Unity 3D-made adventure game to life.

A short while ago they originally had The Path To Die featured on Steam Greenlight, seeking votes from the community in order to get the game approved to appear on the Steam store. Now, they’ve taken the next step in securing funds in order to finish up the development of the overhead, hack-and-slash survival game.

The Kickstarter page explains…

“Travel to Feudal Japan as one of the most lethal Samurai warriors. Immerse yourself in a story of action and intrigue, exploring the vast lands surrounding the Imperial Palace in a detailed 2D pixel art adventure.”

It’s described as adventure game like The Legnd of Zelda, but with the overhead difficulty and death system similar to Hotline Miami.

You can check out the pitch video for The Path To Die below.

Tactical combat is required for survival, as one wrong strike can result in failure, and taking the wrong swipe could result in death.

Players will travel across idyllic gardens, labyrinths, castle courtyards and towns, all based on traditional Japanese architecture and landscapes from the Feudal Edo era of Japan.

Unlike other games, players will utilize motion-based swings and directions to perform attacks in Path to Die, either using the mouse or the gamepad. They offer a demonstration of the way the mechanics work over on the Kickstarter page.

Exploration is another big part of the game, which includes traveling around, interacting with other NPCs, and attempting to satiate the existential crisis of a samurai who is at the end of an era where the steel of sword and concrete resolve were the way of the world.

The Path To Die is an interesting looking game, and there aren’t many other games out there quite like it in which to compare it to. It may be similar to Hotline Miami but it’s not an arcade game. It also may have exploration and adventure like The Legend of Zelda, but it’s not quite a heroic tale with a bright and glowing atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a serious, hard-nosed approach to the way of the samurai, you can learn more about The Path to Die by checking out the Kickstarter page.


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