The Surge Gameplay Walkthrough
The Surge - Gameplay Walkthrough

Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 Interactive’s third-person, horror-action game The Surge is another game in the recent surge of Dark Souls clones. The sci-fi atmosphere and body horror storyline might appeal to some gamers. Of course, for those who are simply looking for a walkthrough can do so by checking out the one right here.

The game starts on a tram toward the Creo corporate facility. Players will get to look around and examine their surroundings before exiting the tram and having to wheel their way down the ramp and toward one of the two rig rooms. The first rig will be for agility while the second rig will be focused on power. You can choose which one you want at the start.

After the cinematic you’ll be in the game and you can use Circle (or ‘B’ on the Xbox controller) to heal yourself. R1 and R2 (or the right trigger) is the attack while ‘X’ (or ‘A’ on the Xbox controller) is to dodge. You can block using the left bumper and then use the right analog to block upper or lower attacks. You can launch successful counter-attacks after successfully blocking.

You can see how to use the basic controls with the video walkthrough below courtesy of RabidRetrospectGames. You can breeze through the full game in just under six hours if you know what you’re doing and where you need to go.

The first major mission will be to replace your damaged power core.

You’ll need to battle through some fairly weak opponents and learn about the different battle points of an enemy, such as spotting their weak points by cycle through the targets on their body using the right analog stick.

The trick is to attack unarmored body parts on the humanoid enemies.

Follow the tutorial’s pathway and recover the power core after taking out a few of the enemies in the scrap yard.

Get the power core and return it to the Medbay to replace your damaged core.

Once the core is installed, make your way through the rocket yard on your way toward the Maglev in order to proceed to the factory.

Head back to the door where you got the power core and overcharge the panel to open the door.

You can also sever body parts from an enemy by killing them without damaging the part you want. So if you want a specific arm attachment, you’ll have to both avoid damaging the arm too badly while also attempting to sever it.

Follow the tracks to the next door panel that you can overcharge and then proceed through into the next area, The Main Assembly Line.

There’s a Medbay through the Assembly – A section where you can upgrade your gear.

In order to progress further you’ll need to upgrade your power core above 1.300 so it can overload the panels past the loading dock area and through Rocket Assembly Station.

If you decide to venture into the Power Plant you’ll need a lot of charge in your power core. The power plant will also power up the entire sector if you can turn on the power down inside the basement. It may be dark down there but you’ll just have to deal with it until you can get your hands on some light goggles.

Just beyond the power plant you’ll have to face off against a loader mech known as P.A.X. He’s very difficult so you’ll have to first damage his legs and when he falls down attack the upper shielding.

Proceed through the Rocket Assembly and take the elevator to the upper level. Follow the pathway around to some additional lifts that you can use to quickly get back around to the MedBay.

Head back into the Power Plant area and there’s a new lift that you can take down to the lower levels.

You can head through the accessible tunnels and then open up the door above the service lift, which will take you back to the Main Assembly Line area. You’ll also need to unlock some new gear before you can proceed through the toxic areas of the Power Plant.

Head back up to the Rocket Assembly area and access the lift that will take you to the Maglev. The Maglev will then take you to User Facility at Central Production.

You’ll be able to acquire a companion drone at the facility, which can help aid you during the mission. You can use the drone registration to make use of the new drone.

Just below that area there’s an elevator that you can call that will take you to Personnel Arrival.

Proceed past the Medbay and toward the power initialization panel to bring the power back online in the sector. This will allow you to make full use of the Medbay in the area.

Head down through Material Production area down to the compartment where Davey is locked.

If you keep moving through the facility it will eventually take you back around to the Conveyor Hub, where the Maglev is located.

If you head down the main steps after taking the lift up through the maintenance tunnel and out to the other side, you’ll encounter Irena Beckett, another survivor. You can opt to either help her or not.

Just below Irena are two heavily armed security guards.

Kill the guards and follow the tunnels past the platforms. As you proceed through the corridors an audio message from Benjamin Burke will play, where he suggests heading to the Bio Labs. In order to get to the Bio Labs you’ll need to first go through the Recycling Facility and Waste Storage.

Another audiolog will also direct you to check the Executive Forum.

Head back through the Conveyor Hub and go up the platform steps, proceed through the corridors past the Material Depot and continue heading up through Personnel Arrival to outfit any upgrades you may have acquired in order to face off against the next set of enemies.

You can head around to the area with the broken lift, and it will lead you to the area where Dean Hobbs is; overcharge him to get him back up on his feet. Talk to Hobbs to get an update on what went down in the area.

You can check out the failsafe protocol computer for the Creo systems near Hobbs.

Proceed to the elevator lift through Support Link 2 and once out of the elevator head to your left through the red-light tunnel. From there you’ll end up at Recycling.

The objective is to get through Recycling and make your way to the Waste Storage.

Use the control panel to interact with the bridge terminal and extend the canal bridges in the Recycling plant.

Head around the corridors to cross the bridge that you just extended and use the exo-lift to go to the next lower levels.

Run past the construction and security droids (or fight them if you have the proper upgrades). There’s an elevator in the far right corner of the room that you can access. Additionally, through the opposite side of the room you can venture into another area filled with exos and droids. This route, however, will lead you back around through to the Support Link 2 corridor.

Alternatively, there are steps through the one section where an exo is in the corner. If you take the steps they will lead you further down into the recycling processing area.

On one of the platforms down there you’ll find that there’s a power circuit you can overcharge, which will allow you access to a door that leads you to Waste Storage.

Keep heading through the hallways of Waste Storage, and you’ll find audiologs from various staff on the bodies. There’s a door but it will deny you access – head down the steps instead where there’s bubbling poop and toxic waste on the walls.

Head down the ramp and there’s an overcharge console you can access that will alloow you access to the maintenance personnel area of the Recycling area. You can also gain access to the lift.

Proceed down into the Decontamination Area and there’s a giant spider-like boss you’ll have to fight.

The fight is a long one and may take up to 10 minutes (or more) depending on your upgrades and loadout, so be patient.

Once the boss is defeated you can then access the door controls just above where the boss fight takes place.

There’s an exo-lift you can take that will lead you to an audiolog and some upgrades. Head through the maintenance tunnels back out to the main platforms at the Circulation Tower and Benjamin will let you know that there’s a Maglev that will take you to the Biolabs. Head down to the transport platform and get onto the Maglev to head to the next level, the Blue Sky Station at the Biolabs.

There are a number of droids through the hallways. You’ll need to kill the droids and clear out the halls.

An elevator is at the end of one of the halls but it’s out of order – just around the corner is a power circuit you can overcharge to get the elevator working again.

Take the elevator above ground to reach the BioLabs.

There are some security droids you’ll have to fight, and they aren’t pushovers. You’ll have to fight them smartly to avoid being killed. They’re hard, and they’re fast.

Make your way to the console and talk to Dr. Melissa Chavez, who will require you to enter into the largest greenhouse and activate the console in order to free her.

You can, alternatively, skip the greenhouses and hop through the broken slabs of concrete, which will take you into another set of maintenance tunnels. This will lead you into the laboratories area.

Go through the testing labs area and there’s an elevator that you can take that will lead you to the Greenhouse Facility.

After you defeat the droids use the console to deactivate the lockdown restrictions.

Head back to the lab where Dr. Melissa Chavez was locked inside the Tropical Climate Lab, it will lead you down into the Supply Tunnels.

The Supply Tunnels will lead you to the Pump Station and the Pump Station will have two flamethrower guards standing between you and Chavez.

Go in and talk to Chavez about Project Resolve.

Chavez will give you a disc and you’ll need to hand the disc to Bonham or Fox at the Executive Forum.

It will eventually be discovered that Project Resolve has extreme toxic side-effects, and Dr. Barrett offered up an alternative called Utopia that would solve the problems… except it made things worse.

Head to the door with the authorization lock on it and use your drone to overcharge the panel above the door. Access the door to open it.

This will lead you to the Blue Sky Maglev, which will take you to Central Production B.

You’ll be able to get to the Executive Forum by using the ventilation shafts at the end of the production line in the production facility.

If you need help with some of the boss fights, there’s a video to help guide you through. In fact, there’s a video that covers how to fight Black Cerberus if he’s giving you trouble, courtesy of Dave Doesn’t. The video is only 19 minutes long and should help you along if you were having difficulty in figuring out the patterns.

Alternatively, the final boss is a bit more tricky to tackle. You’ll have to whittle down its life by dodging its main attacks and striking at its small legs underneath its body. There’s a 15 minute video guide that shows you how to strike it out from the bottom while avoiding its main attacks. You can check it out below.


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