Tiny Trax, Slot-Car VR Racing Game Set To Arrive On PlayStation VR
Tiny Trax

A combination of Micromachines and Trackmania… that about sums up the upcoming racing title from FutureLab called Tiny Trax.

David Gabriel from FutureLab explained that they took the concept of slot-car racing from Scalextric and Carrera and managed to turn them into Tiny Trax, a game where players strap on the VR headset and puts players within the slot-car world so they can see everything happening around them as if the tracks are coming to life in a play room.

There are 12 different tracks and environments to race across, along with support for up to four players via an online race mode that supports single races or tournament play. Leaderboards and Trophy support help round out the experience.

You can check out the debut trailer below to see what the gameplay is like.

The gameplay looks like typical slot-car racing. If you’re into that sort of thing it should come across a breath of fresh air compared to all the other VR titles that have been releasing lately.

While Tiny Trax doesn’t look particularly spectacular, at least it’s not another stationary zombie shooter, or teleporting point-and-waggle physics-based adventure game, or another disembodied first-person mystery.

I don’t know how well the whole VR aspect will work for what’s essentially a 3D RC game, but if it’s fun it’s fun.

FutureLab has plans on rolling out more details on the game at this year’s E3, so expect to see more of Tiny Trax this June.

Surprisingly, we haven’t seen a lot of PlayStation VR support this year. Other than the announcement about Arizona Sunshine coming to the PS4 and Farpoint recently launching, we haven’t had too many other noteworthy PSVR titles stepping onto the scene. Hopefully Sony takes some time out of the press conference at E3 to dedicate it to some exclusive new PSVR games, because the device is sorely lacking at the moment.

No release date has been set for Tiny Trax but we’ll keep you posted on when the game is ready to launch.


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