Vanquish Rocketslides Onto Steam For $19.99 And Gamers Love It
Vanquish - Steam

You can now download the Steam version of Platinum Games’ Vanquish for only $19.99. The game has been on the wishlist of a lot of PC gamers for the past handful of years since its debut on the Xbox 360 and PS3 back in 2010.

Lots of peppering of Sega and Platinum with begging and pining for Vanquish on PC took place across social media, e-mail campaigns, and was splashed all over Sega’s YouTube videos like Sonic ejaculating his speed over Sega’s offices.

Eventually Sega took time out of retweeting Sonic memes and rolling around on the office floors in bubble wrap while imitating human blunts in order to finally give the PCMR what they’ve been asking for while they suck at the teet of console port leftovers.

The game features frenetic third-person shooting combat with the ARM, the Augmented Reaction Mode, for bullet-time slow motion, high-impact kinetic melee maneuvers and a wide assortment of enemies to blast down.

There’s also a collection of PC-only features implemented, including UHD resolution, unlocked frame-rates for unlimited FPS, anisotropic texture filtering for up to 16x the texture resolution of the standard render, and SSAO for improved environmental ambient occlusion.

They also released a developer diary to coincide with the release of Vanquish on PC, which you can check out below.

The dev diary explains some of the motivations behind the game, as well as what they were aiming to achieve with the title when it originally released back in 2010.

These days you can experience Vanquish with full on Steam achievements, cloud saves, trading cards and support for Big Picture Mode so those of you with a 42-inch 4K TV will be able to play the game the way it was meant to be played: on a PC master rig.

The early reviews for the PC version are almost pitch perfect. A large majority of gamers have given the PC port of Vanquish a very positive rating, especially since they took out an extra bit of time to thumb through PCMR foreplay by adding in some fully operable keyboard and mouse support. That’s like giving your girl a red satin robe on Valentine’s Day.

You can grab a digital copy of these bullet-splooge fest over on the Steam store for only $19.99.


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