Vindicta, VR FPS Enters Early Acces June 20th For HTC Vive

The upcoming PC first-person shooter from Game Cooks called Vindicta, has received an official release date for its Early Access launch of June 20th.

The news comes from a report on VRFocus, where they note that the game will first make an appearance at a booth in Los Angeles, California during the E3 festivities this June before launching into Early Access on Steam.

Last year VR tried to make a strong presence at E3 but was hampered with the cumbersomeness of cords and the motion sickness that came with poorly optimized VR demos for games like Resident Evil 7. This year a lot more companies will likely have better optimized software on display, minus all the VR sickness that some journalists reported experiencing last year.

As for Vindicta, the game centers around an agent who must infiltrate UB Industries and take on hordes of robots in order to prevent UB from taking over the world. If you missed the trailer before, you can check out the gameplay video below to get an idea of what the gameplay is like, courtesy of GameCrate.

There’s definitely a bit of frantic gunplay going on there. The highlight of Vindicta, however, is that you can use room scale to hide behind objects, stealthily sneak around stages, and take cover during fire fights.

Much like Halo 2 the game features dual-trigger, locomotion and a variety of other weapons as well, including assault rifles and rocket launchers.

According to the Steam page, they don’t have a set date on how long Vindicta will stay in Early Access, but it will stick to the developmental branch until it’s complete. So what does complete mean? Well, the developers have plans on adding Oculus Rift support, additional aiming support for multiplayer, a cooperative mode, additional weapons and enemies, leaderboard support, new levels and the rest of the game’s plot.

They’ve been accepting alpha test submission from HTC Vive owners since May 12th, but starting next month on June 20th you’ll be able to purchase and play Vindicta as part of its Early Access launch.

For more info on the game feel free to visit the Steam store page.


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