Voidrunner Set To Launch On Steam Early Access Starting May 31st

One of the latest space shooters set to hit the gaming scene that was featured on this site before comes Voidrunner. The devs behind the game, RealityArts Studio, are running it on the Unreal Engine 4 and plan to release it at the end of May on the 31st for PC via Steam Early Access.

If you don’t know anything about Voidrunner, the game stands to be a multiplayer and single-player space-like shooter game set in a very beautiful yet strange universe called the Void. Sporting exotic places, the stages in the game are opened for spacious battles across landscapes that enhance the game’s easy FPS flight controls; meaning that the game shouldn’t be too hard to pickup and play.

In addition to learning more about Voidrunner, a batch of screenshots showing in-game scenes, stages and a list of other features, sit below for your viewing pleasure — Screenshots showing stages start at image-13 and end at image-25.

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Voidrunner’s visuals pop out in a lot of the images. Yes, a game can look pretty and well polished, but the real question behind a pretty game is how well will it play at release and the days, weeks and months to come? Well, I think you can be the judge of that by watching the newly posted trailer that Voidrunner the Game has up on its YouTube channel.

Lastly, the game is said to be created with a design of having RPG mechanics in mind, so if I had to take a guess by the description on the main site, I think that certain ship abilities can be upgraded much like a role-playing game, just with a twist thrown in there to make the game stand out from other space-shooters.

If that sounds interesting more information regarding Voidrunner can be found over on its newly posted Steam page or on voidrunnerthegame.com.


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