Weekly Recap May 27th: Far Cry 5 Controversy And UK Internet Censorship
Weekly Recap

Ubisoft did nothing but tease and then announce the full setting of Far Cry 5, and oh boy did it cause a furor. SJWs rallied and cheered about the cover art for Far Cry 5, showing a bunch of doomsday Christian cultists trying to convert people before the end times arrive. SJWs believe that this is going to be a good “alt-right” killing simulator where they get to murder a bunch of Republicans. Others are angry that white Christians are being portrayed as evil villains in Rural Montana.

Cue slow clapping gifs for Ubisoft managing to stir up political controversy for a game that’s a year off from release.

Oh yeah, and speaking of controversy… the United Kingdom’s Conservative party led by Theresa May is leading the charge with the Tory Manifesto, which will literally seek out to censor the naughty bits off the search engines and social media. It’s no joke. The polls show some massive drops for Conservatives as they attempt to make their last ditch effort to forcibly censor the internet for the sake of the children. These mind-melting stories and more in this May 27th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


UK Conservative Party Will Censor The Internet

The British Prime Minister wants to censor the internet. There’s really no two ways around it, with the Conservative party looking to put a damper on a number of items on typical internet viewing policies, including porn, hate speech and online bullying. This is all outlined in the Tories Conservative party manifesto. We have up a review of the recently released Portal Knights for home consoles and PC. Additionally, we have a blast from the past review for Super Mega Baseball. Bandai Namco announced that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch this fall. And Platinum Games will launch a brand new IP at some point, and we’ll have to wait for the announcement. This is big news coming off their success with Nier: Automata.


Red Dead Redemption 2 Delayed To Spring, 2018

Rockstar Games announced that one of the most anticipated games for the fall season has been pushed out of its release window and moved all the way to spring, 2018. That’s right, Red Dead Redemption 2 will now arrive for PS4 and Xbox One next year. BioWare isn’t quite dead yet, and they actually have one more trick up their sleeve in the form of Dragon Age. They decided to forfeit using their own in-house writers, though, and they’ve stepped outside the box to bring in a actual talented writer for the newest Dragon Age title… in fact, they’ve hired in the very lauded Alex Kennedy from Sunless Sea to help them out. Ubisoft also unveiled Far Cry 5 for the first time, and it’s set in Montana in the U.S.A. World War 2 Online is set to arrive on Steam this summer, and Lawbreakers is now gearing up for release on PS4 in addition to releasing on PC.


Far Cry 5 Cover Brings The SJWs Out Of The Woodworks

Far Cry 5‘s box art was made available for the public and it brought with it a number of SJWs praising and attacking the game for being able to kill white Christians and also at the exact same time criticizing the game for its violence. Bandai Namco delayed the release of Get Even for home consoles and PC in light of the Manchester bombing. DICE is adding females to the line-up of playable characters in Battlefield 1 and it didn’t completely go over as well as they may have hoped. And the game Seven Knights has been censored in the English versions of the game, but in very inconsistent and rather silly ways.


Buzzfeed Sued For Publishing Fake News

There are now legal repercussions sliding up the skirt of Buzzfeed’s slush funds, and possibly then some. The media organization fell into the cross-hairs of a Russian tech mogul and now they’re facing off in court over outing the tech mogul as part of the infamous “Russian Dossier”. The campaign mode for Call of Duty: WW2 won’t feature playable Axis during the campaign mode, much to the chagrin of all those /Pol/s who probably couldn’t wait to down some real fresh American beef. Speaking of World War… a new World War I game is in the works from the Verdun developers called Tannenberg. And the Archon convention has cancelled the #GamerGate panel because they classify it as a harassment campaign.


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