XOXO Droplets Is A Comedy Dating Sim Featuring Insufferable Fops
XOXO Droplets Otome

It’s not often that a dating simulator within the Otome sub-genre decides to go out of its way to make an unlikable main character in pursuit of dating other highly detestable characters. However, GB Patch wanted to break the mold by putting players in the role of an insufferable main character (one whom you can name, by the way), as she attempts to reform her shrewd ways and become a more likable person, and maybe attempt to befriend likable people in the process.

The story centers around the main character who transfers into a new school, and she’s given an ultimatum by her parents to shape up or slip out. See, the main character is known for being a highly hated individual, and so she’s now put in a position where her innate abilities to piss people off may end up costing her a chance at true love… or maybe finding someone just as unlikable as she is.

XOXO Droplets is a tongue-in-cheek satire of the Otome visual novel genre, but it adds on top of it by giving gamers things to do outside of just the traditional dating pursuits. You can secure a part time job, experience 50 different random events, and comb over more than 270,000 words.

The game adds in all of the usual flair of a visual novel, but with the added elements of a time management dating sim. You can check out the pitch video below to get a better idea of what XOXO Droplets has to offer.

Essentially, the game takes all the stereotypes usually featured from the villain of a romantic comedy (or the traits common in most male feminists), and then puts them into the characters that the MC in XOXO Droplets will attempt to pursue. It’s an odd mix for sure, but you at least have to give GB Patch props for trying something different.

The game’s free demo version includes the three “extremely distinct jerks” in the form of Everett Gray, Nate Lawson and Shiloh Fields. There are six minor options and six side-characters in the free version as well. The full version will include three additional dating options, along with two additional bonus guys.

I have no idea how well a game like this will be received in the Otome community, but it’s at least good to see someone turning the genre on its head and poking some fun at some of the general themes commonly found in the dating sim genre.

Anyway, XOXO Droplets has already managed to surpass its Kickstarter goal, but it still has 20 days left and if you were interested in contributing so they could hit their stretch goals, feel free to check out the Kickstarter page.

They have plans on releasing the dating sim this July.


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