Zombie Night Terror Cheat Trainer Enables Infinite Resources
Zombie Night Terror Cheats
(Last Updated On: May 22, 2017)

Gambitious Digital Entertainment’s Zombie Night Terror was one of the rare games that came out back in 2016 that actually managed to really pull off something different amongst a mish-mash of other games that seemed to waddle into repetitive and unimaginative territories. The game is all about controlling a horde of zombies, using the undead horde to kill the living. Well, if you were interested in a cheat trainer for the game, there’s one available.

You can download the cheat trainer right now from over on the Mr. Antifun download page.

There’s only one cheat present in the trainer and it’s for infinite resources.

The ability to have infinite resources at your disposal means you can just keep on pumping out the undead and not have to worry about being conservative or frugal when it comes to how you decide to play the game and chew, smash, explore, and vomit your way through each level.

There are a lot of obstacles and challenges to overcome in Zombie Night Terror, which makes it a very difficult game. However, the cheat could lessen those challenges and give you a much easier go of things.

Opposite of traditional zombie games, instead of having to fend yourself off from hordes of the undead, in Zombie Night Terror you have to play as the undead. The thing is, the AI will be in control of typical hero units, capable of putting bullets between the eyes of your army of walking-corpses. You’ll also have to strategically upgrade and utilize your zombies to take out more difficult opponents or deconstruct the environment in order to complete your objective.

Gamers have typically really taken a liking to Zombie Night Terror, and gamers who missed out on it during its initial release last summer can actually pick up a digital copy on Steam during a brief weekend discount where the game is 50% off, where it’s available for only $6.49.

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